Sunday, December 7, 2014

Anime Festival Asia 2014 Singapore (AFA 2014)

Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2014, the largest edition of South-east Asia’s most anticipated J-pop and Anime Festival was back in Singapore with the latest J-Pop and Anime Content.

The festival was held from 5 – 7 December at Suntec City Convention Centre. With 6 halls consisting of exhibition booths, stage activities and concerts, fans were spoilt for choice over the three days. 

I brought Linda along with me on the last day of AFA because I know that she loves Japanese culture and anime. We were just in time to catch the first Asia Anisong-singer Audition.

We went in to the exhibition hall next where we can find exclusive merchandise and showcase of works from anime content creators. There will also be special activities held in the main and mini stages.

Linda was drawn to one of the booths where we can use the ipad to read the anime stories.

Spotted the figurines of Ironman.

Featuring 140 exhibitors from 10 countries which includes Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Japan and USA, AFA 2014 showcased the latest content, culture, music and key industry personalities through a myriad of engaging activities. Visitors were treated to the best of Japanese Popular Culture and Anime-related talks, merchandise, activities and exclusive showcases.

So many figurines around.

All the figurines were so kawaii, I want to bring them home and start my collection.

Passed by my favourite anime series - Sailor Moon, the pretty soldiers. Shall check out the booth.

They were selling cosmetics with Sailor Moon packaging.
So adorable.

Say hello to Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon.

Here's the story of Sailor Moon: 
Usagi is a normal teenage girl. One day, she encounters a mysterious cat, Luna. Luna gives Usagi a magical brooch and explains how to use it to transform into Sailor Moon. Luna tells her that she is a Sailor Soldier who must fight for peace, and find the rest of the Sailor Soldiers, as well as their princess.

Sailor Soldiers.

There were lots of cosplayers at AFA. AFA is the time where you can cosplay and everyone will think that you look normal.

The lovely Smart Doll.

What is Smart Doll?
Smart Doll is a 60cm tall fashion doll designed by Danny Choo and manufactured in Japan. 
The first Smart Doll is modeled after the Japan tourism mascot Mirai Suenaga and comes in two flavors - Manual and Automatic. 

Meet the Shinigami (death god), Ryuk.

There is a Death Note Musical showing in April 2015 at Tokyo and July - August 2015 at Seoul. If you happen to be overseas at these 2 countries, you may want to consider watching this.

Former AKB48 member's Tomomi Kasai was here at AFA and was cosplaying as Misa Amane.

The sexy babe figurines in swimwear.

D.I.Y. your own character.

Other than stage activities, there was also fansign session going on.

AFA 2014 was yet another great success. Over the past 3 days, it has drew a crowds of over 90,000 visitors. This festival has push the J-Wave to new heights and help promote top quality Japanese content across South-east Asia.

Thanks for the invitation, see you next year.

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