Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Food Tasting at Catch 'N Bite

Attention to all seafood lover, I have found a good place that offers affordable and fuss-free seafood choices:

Catch 'N Bite.

Catch ‘N Bite is a takeaway store located in Westgate Mall. The friendly sandwich store specialises in seafood sandwiches, bento sets and tapas using the finest ingredients. Not only that, it is halal certified, our Muslim friends can also enjoy it.

As Catch 'N Bite is only available for takeaway, it makes it an ideal choice for office workers to tabao the food back to office for lunch or for us to buy back home for fuss-free meal.

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Here's the menu that Catch 'N Bite offers. They have wide variety of menu ranging from sandwiches, bento set, seafood tarts and cre'o! bites.

I was at a loss of choosing what to eat because everything looked so delicious.

Candy and I ordered Clam Soup ($4.90) and Crispy Calamari ($5.90) from cre'o! bites for sharing.

The clam soup are made from real lobster stock and not flavoured with MSG. The smooth creamy base soup was rich in texture and filled with lots of clam. It is definitely worth the price.

The calamari was crispy good. It was so addictive that I couldn't stop eating.

A glimpse of the best selling sandwiches. 
Many of the bloggers ordered the crunchin' soft shell crab sandwich, so I decided to try something different and I chose ultimate lobster sandwich.

Here comes the Ultimate Lobster Sandwich $12.90 ­‐ a slightly spicy ciabatta sandwich wrapped with maine lobster, egg, corn, lettuce and tomato. The lobster was juicy fresh and it tasted delicious. In every bite I took, I can taste a combination of spicy and sweet flavours of the yummy ingredients.

There are a total of 12 seafood tarts you can choose from. I was spoilt for choices again.

Indulge in delicious seafood tarts at $2.50 each. The tarts are simply great for party at home or anywhere. You can save when you purchase more:
2pcs-­‐ $4.50 (save $0.50)
6pcs $13 (save $2.00)
12pcs-­‐ $24 (save $6.00)
16 pcs -­‐$30 (save $10.00)

I have the smoked salmon salsa tart.
The smoked salmon was fresh and tasty. Together with the salsa, it has the fusion of mild hot and sweet taste. Indulging in every bite.

Credit photo: The Influencer Network

Enjoying my meal together with Candy and Shanelle.

Another good deal to share:

If you make purchase of any sandwich from the menu at Catch 'N Bite, simply quote "ShuqingCatchNBite" and you can get a free Mango Chutney Shrimp Tart.

Thanks Catch 'N Bite for the food tasting, I enjoyed the food very much.

For more information about Catch 'N Bite, please visit www.catchnbite.com

Catch 'N Bite
Westgate 3 Gateway Drive 
#B2-­‐K16 Singapore 608532
Operating Hours: Daily 10am-­‐10pm (LAST ORDER 9.30PM)

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