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Nuxe Merveillance Expert Anti-Aging Skincare Launch

As the time goes by, we become older.
As we become older, signs of aging will appear on our skin.

The last thing we want is to have wrinkles and fine lines on my face, we want to maintain the youthful look. Therefore, finding the right skincare products is important.

With age slowly catching up on me, it's about time that I need to start using anti-aging skincare.

I attended the launch event of Nuxe Merveillance Expert which was held at Antoinette.
Nuxe Merveillance Expert is a new marvelous range of expert  anti-aging skin care for women with all skin types.

I am currently using Nuxe's skincare too, now I am using Nuxe Nirvanesque series. Nuxe Nirvanesque is for smoothing away first expression lines.

The event started off with the presentation by Ryan Lau, Nuxe Regional Education Manager, who shared with us Nuxe Merveillance Expert in details.

NUXE has invented this powerful and completely new range for women who are still young and are seeking to alleviate the signs of aging.

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What makes Nuxe unique is the use of flowers in their product ingredients. In Nuxe Merveillance Expert, they have uncovered a flower that was never before used in cosmetics - Daylily.

Daylily is known for its calming, healing and anti-bacterial effects.

Nuxe has discovered molecules that are capable of acting on a key protein of aging in Daylily - Vimentin, that help to diminish wrinkles and combat loss of firmness.

One of the major cause of aging is due to glycation. Our skin will age faster and prematurely due to elevated levels of sugar in the blood.

Nuxe then identified that Daylily has rich molecular structure, motivated by the unwavering conviction that it was possible to go beyond anti-glycation. Hence, Nuxe introduced the first all-round action: Anti-glycation and deglycation - on the three major dermal proteins - collagen, elastin and vimentin.

Anti-glycation is a protective action. It is an essential first step to prevent sugars from binding and therefore altering proteins.

Deglycation is an unique repairing action. A complementary step to create an all-round action, eliminating sugars that are already present and "repairing" proteins.

Nuxe Merveillance Expert collection caters to women with visible expression lines. It restores the original structure and functionality of vimentin, collagen and elastin. Day after day, visible wrinkles are eliminated and skin firmed.

In this collection, Nuxe introduced 5 products to bring the skin a "marvelous" boost:

MERVEILLANCE EXPERT JOUR - Correcting Cream for visible lines

- Ultimate moisturizing effects to improve skin elasticity, soothe and protect.
- A supple and light texture, ideal for normal skin.

Their survey result shows that 81% of women feel that their skin is more elastic after using it for one month.

What I like about Nuxe's product is the floral scent that linger on my skin after applying the product. The cream was fast absorbed into skin, leaving behind just floral scent.

Retail price: $85 (50ml)

MERVEILLANCE EXPERT ENRICHIE JOUR - Rich Correcting Cream for visible lines

- Nourishing and protective comfort.
- A firm and delectable texture, ideal for dry or very dry skin

Their survey result shows that 84% of women feel that their skin is firmer after using it for one month.

Retail price: $85 (50ml)

MERVEILLANCE EXPERT YEUX - Lifting Eye Cream for visible lines

- Visible effectiveness against puffiness and dark circles, thanks to botanical caffeine that helps release fluid accumulated in puffy areas, and tetrapeptide-5 which inhibits capillary permeability to help prevent any new accumulation.
- This complex, with draining and anti-edema properties, also helps brighten dark circles.
- A soft and delicate texture for fragile eye contour area.

Their survey result shows that 29% reduction in dark circles after using it for one month.

Retail price: $68 (15ml)

SERUM MERVEILLANCE EXPERT - Lifting Concentrate for visible lines

- An instant lifting effect that lasts for 8 hours, thanks to the excellent tightening properties of plankton polysaccharides: tightening effect on the collagen network caused by contraction of fibroblasts.

- A smoothing action that plumps up fine lines, thanks to the exceptional properties of 100% natural and pure hyaluronic acid, that forms a water-soluble barrier on skin's surface to preserve moisture and help slow down dehydration.

Their survey result shows that 72% of  women noticed their wrinkles were reduced after using it for the very first week.

Retail price: $95 (30ml)

MERVEILLANCE EXPERT NUIT - Regenerating Night Cream for visible lines

- Exceptional regeneration, from an extract of brown algae.
Native to Asia, the species of brown algae, selected by NUXE, is particularly resistant to external factors. Its richness in calcium and wakamic ester provides its night function, when the fibroblasts' capability for synthesis is at its highest, to reactive the expression of 14 genes involved in skin elasticity and firmness.

- A smooth texture that reveals "plumped up" skin in the morning.

Their survey result shows that 88% of women feel their skin is firmer after using it for one month.

Retail price: $78 (50ml)

I will do a more detailed review after I try the products. 

Thanks Nuxe for the invitation to the launch, I have picked up some valuable knowledge about anti-aging.

For more information about Nuxe, please visit or

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