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Hair Care with TCM at Beijing 101

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Hair loss and hair thinning are common problem faced by both men and women. This can make us feel depressing and low confidence because our hair dramatically affect our overall appearance. 

Do you know what is the reason for hair loss?

Hair loss can be caused by:
- oily scalp/hair
- dry scalp/hair 
- itchy scalp/hair 
- dandruff
- stress
- illness
- environment
- other factors

If you need help in treating hair and scalp problems, Beijing 101 is the hair care expert that you can turn to.

Being the pioneer in merging Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) philosophy into hair care, Beijing 101 has 40 years success in treating hair problems effectively. It is supported by a team of qualified Hair Consultants, and TCM Practitioners. Beijing 101 is available in 60 countries and a recipient of multiple international awards world-wide.

Beijing 101employs TCM principles by using premium grade Chinese herbs which are natural and effective such as Dang Gui, Ginseng & He Shou Wu to treat hair and scalp problems. Compared to western medicine, Chinese herbal medicine will have no side effects even with long term use.

With the aid of BEIJING 101's qualified TCM practitioners, you can bid farewell to your worries and look forward to achieving optimal hair and scalp health.

Good news for residents at the East, Beijing 101 has recently opened their 9th outlet at One KM @ Paya Lebar. 

Beijing 101 has previously held its inaugural “Healthy Scalp Awareness Week” from 29th September to 5th October at Junction 8. Experienced Beijing 101 staff performed scalp checks, analysis and treatments for more than 300 participants, all of whom exclaimed their satisfaction with the results.

Through this event, Beijing 101 hopes to create more awareness on the importance of proper scalp care, and help more people to have healthy hair by staying away from scalp problems.

At Beijing 101, they have solutions tailored to individual customers catering to their needs (oily scalp, dandruff, hair loss etc) and customized products suitable for both men and women. 


I will be sharing with you tips and recipes in achieving healthy looking hair.

- To wash our hair daily to wash away sebum on our scalp that can clog up our hair follicles.

- During shampoo, it is advisable to lather up your shampoo between your palms before applying it onto the hair. Do not apply shampoo directly onto the hair as this will cause hair and scalp damage. Use finger tips instead of nails to massage the scalp while shampooing.

- If you are using hair dryer, it is advisable to keep the dryer at 20cm distance from the hair while switching between hot & cold air. This can prevent hair damage caused by heat.

- For healthy hair, we should consume foods that are rich in protein such as soybean, milk, eggs and lots of fruits.


1. Rejuvenating Mulberry Tea

Red dates 10pcs 
Logan meat 5pcs 
San Jisheng (Mulberry) 25grams 

Put all the ingredients into a pot, pour in 4 bowls of water and boil into 1 bowl. A cup of refreshing mulberry tea is ready to serve. 

• Promote strong bones 
• Nourishes the liver and kidney 
• Enhance blood circulation 
• Relieve cold, rheumatic pain and dispel pathogenic wind 

According to TCM Physician, hair growth is affected by the condition of the kidney. Kidney deficiency or lack of vitality can be the cause of hair loss. Mulberry Tea aids in nourishing the liver and supports the kidney functions to enhance hair density and luster.

2. Walnut Soup for Improved Vitality

Walnut 50g 
Fu Shen 4pcs 
Logan Meat 3pcs 
Rock sugar Appropriate amount 

Put all ingredients into a pot, add in water till 3 quarter full and boil for 30 minutes. 

• Nourish the heart 
• Support the heart 
• Calm the spirit 

As the Chinese saying goes, “the hair reflects on the health of the blood”, indicates that hair’s nutrition originates from the blood. Walnut soup nourishes the blood and aid in healthy hair growth.

3. Dendrobium American Ginseng Tea

Dendrobium 5pcs 
American Ginseng 5pcs 

Add in water and stew for 2 hours 

• Promotes vitality and enhance blood circulation 
• Supports respiratory health 
• Improves bowel movement 
• Improves radiance 

Dendrobium American Ginseng Tea replenishes energy and nourishes the blood for healthy hair growth.

4. Healthy Hair Growth Chinese Wine

He shou wu 150g 
Huang jing (Rhizome of manyflower solmonaeal) 150g 
Wolf berries 150g 
Juan bo 15g 
Chinese wine 150g 

Wash all the ingredients and stem for about 30 minutes. After which, pour all the ingredients into a bottle, add in the Chinese wine, seal the opening of the bottle and let all the ingredients infuse for 10 days. After which, the Chinese Wine is ready for consumption. 

• Nourishes the blood and improves radiance 
• Promotes hair growth and darker hair 
• Eliminates pigmentation 
• Also suitable for the weak and lack of energy that lead to dizziness, blur vision and insomnia. 

He Shou Wu aids in nourishing the liver and kidney and enhances the strength of the blood. Healthy Hair Growth Chinese Wine aids in promoting darker and healthier hair.


My hair has been dropping a lot every time I wash my hair. I gonna pick up some of the tips and recipes to improve my hair condition and to achieve healthy looking hair.

Beijing 101 is currently having an exclusive promotion: Herbal Scalp Treatment at $48. To find out more, please visit: http://www.beijing101hair.com/promotions.php 

For enquiry, please call Beijing 101 Hotline: 6-5588-101

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