Friday, April 3, 2015

Japanese pop group, Attack All Around (AAA) Media Conference

Japan’s No. 1 entertainment company, Avex Trax presents AAA Asia Tour 2015, in celebration of the group's 10th anniversary. 

AAA (Attack All Around), pronounced as Triple A, is also the singers behind the hit animation “ONE PIECE”. The group is in Singapore to kick start their first ever Asia Tour in Singapore on 4th April 2015. Singapore is the first stop of the concert and the tickets are fully sold out in Singapore.

The award-winning AAA consists of 7 members - 2 girls and 5 guys. 

Besides receiving the "Best New Artist" award at the 47th Japan Record Awards in their debut year, they also performed at the legendary BUDOUKAN in 2006, and appeared in the prestigious Kouhaku Utagassen in 2011.

Presented by WAKUWAKU JAPAN, AAA held an open media conference at Bugis+ Level 2 Atrium when fans got their opportunity to see their idols up close.

Members of AAA from left to right: Takahiro Nishijima, Chiaki Itou, Naoya Urata, Misako Uno, Shuta Sueyoshi, Shinjiro Atae and Mitsuhiro Hidaka.   

Each member took turn to greet the fans.
One of the fans revealed that she was here at 8.30am to grab a good spot.

Time for some Q&A session with AAA.

Being their first Asia tour, they are feeling excited and happy because they never thought that they have so many fans outside Japan.

The concert held at SCAPE, The Ground Theatre is so much smaller than the one they had in Japan so fans can expect a more intimate session with them.

Singapore is chosen as their first stop of the Asia tour because they love Singapore.
When asked about the possibility of coming back to Singapore again for concert, Shinjiro replied that they are 99% sure that they will come to Singapore again, the remaining 1% will depend on the fans support.

During this visit to Singapore, AAA hope to visit Night Safari, Garden by the Bay and G-Max.

AAA also shared that before their debut, they were performing on the streets as a group with only 2 - 3 audiences. They gave out group stickers to the audience after their performance and some just threw it away in front of them.

I love all their outfit, all of them looked so fashionable.

This marked the end of the media conference. 
A special segment for the fans following the end of the conference was the high-five session with AAA. For fans who purchased AAA’s GOLD SYMPHONY album, they got the opportunity to go up to the stage for high-five session with each of the members.

Hope to see AAA in Singapore soon again.

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