Sunday, August 2, 2015

Beauty Review: Esemtan Wash Lotion and Skin Balm

Do you know that almost a million people in Singapore suffer dry and itchy skin? 

This has something to do with the environment we live in - air-conditioning, harsh sun and humidity. We need to find a body cleanser that works for our skin types.

I was introduced to Esemtan bodycare that is suitable for normal, dry and sensitive skin. Esemtan is also widely used in leading hospitals by health professionals every day because it is extremely gentle, refreshing and hygienic. Suitable for both male and female.

The two products that I am sharing with you today are Esemtan Wash Lotion and Esemtan Skin Balm.

Esemtan Wash Lotion

Esemtan Wash Lotion is a multi-purpose lotion. It can be used for the whole body, face and hair, for all skin types, for the skin of babies and old people. I even use it to wash my hands too. It offers a complete washing experience from head to toe, protecting the skin against irritation and supports the skin’s natural moisture.

Featuring a balanced combination of fragrance and a gentle lather, this soapless wash is effective in removing dirt and oil from skin. With Allantoin, it is pH neutral for the skin and soap free, suitable for sensitive and stressed skin. 

Soap-free cleansers work on your skin the same way as soap, but they're made of milder ingredients that do not deplete skin's oils.

Retail price: $19.75/500ml

Used it like a soap or shower lotions while taking shower.

Froth it by adding some water. Wash thoroughly, rinse & dry. You can use it for shower or hand washing too.

My review:

My skin feel soft after showering with Esemtan Wash Lotion. It has a very light scent that makes me feeling refreshing. The lotion lathered well and it can be rinsed off easily. Felt clean after the wash and it does not dry my skin. I think it's really worth the price. $19.75 for a bottle of 500ml, I can use it for a long time.

Esemtan Skin Balm

Esemtan skin balm is suitable for daily hand and body care for all skin types including children's skin. It permeates deeply into the skin with oil-in water emulsion, supports and cares for the skin to protect it from drying. 

It contains added urea as a moisturising agent and speed up skin cell renewal. It also helps to reduce skin irritation and itch. Besides that, Esemtan skin balm also comes with mild soothing fragrance, to allow users with dry & sensitive skin to enjoy a soothing touch of fragrance.

Retail price: $20/500ml

To apply Esemtan Skin Balm after the wash, 
Recommended to use daily, morning and evening after each wash.

My review:

Unlike the usual cream based body lotion, Esemtan Skin Balm has a gel-like texture that is fast absorbed into skin. It does not leave sticky feeling after that. The light fragrance skin balm leave my skin feeling hydrated, moisturised and soft. The skin balm is very useful especially when we keep staying in air-conditioned room, my skin tend to get really dry. So after applying, it gives me protection  against the cold air and air-conditioning filter.

Esemtan Wash Lotion and Skin Balm can be found at Guardian, Unity, Watsons, Independent pharmacy (Pink beauty, Beauty essential), NHG.

For Esemtan Wash Lotion, it is available in 2 sizes: 500ml for $19.75 and 1L for $35.30. 
Esemtan Skin Balm is retailing at $20/500ml.

Thank you for reading, hope you find this product review useful (:

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