Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Beauty Review: 23years Old Carboxy Body Shaper Pro

One thing I feel insecure about myself is definitely my body figure. 
Though I don't belong to the obese stage, I have unwanted fats residing at my arms, tummy and thigh area. Our metabolism slows down as we age, making the fatty tissues harder to breakdown.

Because of these excess fats staying in my body, I was being called fat by some people and this really hurt me (though it is true.). From then on, I start to become conscious about my diet and the clothes I wear. I always seen wearing loose outfit to hide my flaws.

I was thankful to have the opportunity to try out Carboxy Body Shaper Pro from 23years old. This has become a star products in Korea and was highly recommended in Korea's top beauty show, Get It Beauty.

The Carboxy Body Shaper works with our skin cells using CO2 to encourage fat burning while tightening and smoothening our skin for the perfect body line. 

Recommended for people who:
- want to eliminate unnecessary cellulites 
- want a product that burns fat while making the skin smooth 
- want to have the perfect body line

This is suitable for people like me with flabby arms, thighs and tummy.

Inside the box, it contains Carboxy Body Shaper gel, syringe and patch sheets.

How do we get started with this?

Open up the syringe

Pour adequate amount of gel into the syringe for easy disperse later on.

Apply an adequate amount of gel to the target area using the syringe. For this case, I applying on my thigh area.

Attach the patch sheet over the gel and wrap with a plastic wrap for twice the results. Optional for plastic wrap.

The CO2 penetrates the skin to deliver Patent Pending Carbon Dioxide to activate and promote the cellulite burning components while the wastes are brought out by the oxygen for a smoother, cleaner skin inside and out.

Keep tapping with your fingers until the bubbles were gone.

Remove after 30 minutes.
If you experience pink/reddish around the applied area, don't freak out. This means its working.

From the initial measurement of 18.6 inches, the measurement has dropped to 17.8 inches after the treatment. I was amazed with the instant result.

Upon applying, remember to constantly tap the sheet patch until the bubbles are gone. When tapping, I experienced a warm and prickling sensation. The discomfort is still bearable. I tapped for 5-10 minutes and relaxed myself for the next 20 minutes.

I was amazed by how instant and effective the Carboxy Body Shaper cream worked. In just one application, I lost about 1 inch from my thigh. I feel that the result is on par with going for one treatment at slimming centre. 

Now I can have my own treatment done at home.

With Carboxy Body Shaper Pro, this is no need to stress over those impossible cellulites anymore.

Carboxy Body Shaper Pro is retailing at $90.00.
You can get the product at Jofiel Beauty.

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