Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bulgarian Rose Karlovo Signature Tea Party

I have a great Saturday afternoon spent at Bulgarian Rose Karlovo Signature Tea Party.

Met up with GF and Jas before heading down to the tea party. Thanks GF for extending the invitation to us.
Miss the girls so much, I haven't seen them for nearly 2 months. I have lots of stuff to catch up on.

Making our way to the tea party which took place at Muffet's Room, a cosy cafe located in the heart of the central business district at Tanjong Pagar.

Upon entering, the cafe was infused with a sweet rosy scent coming from the Bulgarian Rose Karlovo products. This was my first encounter with Bulgarian Rose Karlovo and I was awed by the range of products that they have. Bulgarian Rose Karlovo take care of our needs from head to toe, from hair care to skincare and body care.

A little background information about Bulgarian Rose Karlovo:

Bulgarian Rose Karlovo is an established company with long traditions in natural rose essence extraction. For almost 70 years since 1948, Bulgarian Rose has been extracting Damask Rose essence in its purest form using traditional steam distillation. One of the oldest and longest rose brand and available all over the world.

Bulgarian Rose Signature series has particularly caught my eyes first. 
The rose water is a natural tonic, it soothes, moisturizes and refreshes the skin. It keeps the skin healthy, retains youthful appearance and keeps its fresh look for longer time.

A gentle cleansing and toning product for all skin types. 
It maintains skin pH balance, stimulates regeneration and calming effect in acne & sunburns.

Introducing Rose Joghurt Series.

The Rose Joghurt cosmetic series of Bulgarska Rosa Karlovo retains skin youth, health and beauty. With the ingredients of Bulgarian rose oil and Bulgarian yoghurt, it nourishes in depth and give the skin a fresh look with a youthful appearance. The series is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Rose Joghurt range includes washing gel and cleansing milk for face, shower gel, body milk, gel for intimate hygiene, soothing face cream, hand cream, foot cream, shampoo and many more.

I was surprised when I saw gel for intimate hygiene was in their list. It is suitable for intimate hygiene and preserving the natural pH level. 
Rose Joghurt series indeed take care of us from head to toe.

Rose Joghurt washing gel for face and shower gel.
The shower gel cleanses and refreshes our skin well, preserving the natural skin hydration. 

Next was Rose series.

With its strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, Bulgarian rose oil and rose water are ideal agents for skin cleansing, toning, moisturizing. They soothe and remove inflammation, delaying the appearance of wrinkles. 

With a gentle and enchanting fragrance rose oil, it has a powerful aromatherapeutic influence on the human body, removing nervous tension and antidepressant. 

The Rose Cleansing Milk softly cleanses and tonics the skin of our face and neck, removing make-up and any impurities. It improves the hydration of the skin.

The last series, Lady's Joy.

The Lady's Joy series endow the skin with youth and freshness, the hair with beauty and vitality, combined with the magic of the unique scent of the rose.

Lady's Joy cosmetic series with rose oil gives emotional pleasure, visible results and long lasting effect.

We were being treated to delicious food from Muffet's Room.
We had chicken salad, mashed potato and assorted fried platter. Every dish tasted delicious and yummy. I can't stop myself from having more.

Rose Perfume smells heavenly good, embodying the power and finesse of Bulgarian oil-bearing rose. I love the rose scent very much.

Lady Joy's Hair Care Liquid Disperse Crystal is loved by everyone of us because it is a quick fix to our frizzy hair.

With the lovely girls at my table.
A great catch up time for us.

Ended off the event with ice-cream and cake. 

I took the brownie and added to my ice-cream, it tasted marvelous. 
A great combination dessert to have.

Bagged home with 3 lovely products from Bulgarian Rose Karlovo different series.

Rose Joghurt Washing Gel For Face 

250ml / $23.90

The washing gel cleanses skin gently, removes makeup and impurities effectively. It restores water balance in the epidermis, providing extra comfort and a feeling of perfect purity.

To me, cleansing is the most important step in our skincare regime. It is the first step to keeping our skin clean and clear. After cleansing, my skin felt soft with no tight feeling. My skin was hydrated and supple. I cannot emphasize how much I love the scent, it gave a very soothing and calm feeling when I was using the products. I felt really relaxing.

Rose Revitalizing Face Cream


The face cream hydrates, nourishes and soothes the skin. The skin recovers its elasticity and velvety softness when apply daily. 

Will do a detailed review once I use the product.

Lady's Joy Hair Care Liquid Disperse Crystal


This product will be available in Singapore very soon. So glad that I have the opportunity to be one of the first few users to try on this product.

This is a perfect hair product to keep our hair neat and protection against the effects of UV rays, providing a quick fix to our hair before we head outdoor. It nourished and strengthened the hair, acting as a conditioner and protect its ends from splitting. It immediately freshen up our appearance. It gave the hair a silky feeling and fragrances. The floral scent was not overpowering. 

We all want hydrated skin to look good and healthy. Thanks Bulgarian Rose Karlovo for pampering me with the wonderful products. 

Bulgarian Rose Karlovo is available in OG and Sasa Clementi.

For more information, please visit Bulgarian Rose Karlovo facebook.

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