Saturday, October 31, 2015

Nuffnang Lovin' x Trick Eye Museum Singapore Renews

Instead of spending my usual Halloween walking the haunted trails, I have a special Halloween this year.

I spent the Halloween night at the revamped Trick Eye Museum.

I have visited Trick Eye Museum at RWS just last year, read my post here. The revamped exhibits gave me a good reason to visit Trick Eye Museum again.

Welcome to Trick Eye Museum Singapore.
So glad that we were the first few batches to experience the revamped exhibits.
Even this too, I didn't saw this Trick Eye sign during my last visit.

Thanks Nuffnang Lovin' for the invitation to Trick Eye Museum Singapore Renews.
We can't wait to explore what's new inside.

I brought Jessie along with me because she has been asking me on Halloween's plan. We had been going on haunted trails for the past 2 years together, we tried something new this time round.

When the door opened, the first new exhibit that caught my hair was the Centaur Carriage.
I always long to sit on such a carriage. Wish fulfilled.

Overcome the Supernatural, a new theme introduced.
They were just in time for Halloween.

The dark lord rises.
I'm floating in the air.

Noooo, I don't want to die.

This is not something new, but nice for photo sharing. 

Volcano erupting. 
Felt so despair, who can save me?

Thanks both, you two have worked hard the entire day.

The vibrant and colourful background is so endearing.

Riding a unicorn
Let fly high and take me to fairytale land.

Don't catch me

Thanks for the flower.

Credits Nuffnang.

The new exhibits were really fascinating, it was so magical. I was so absorbed in taking the pose for the exhibits and never realised that time passed so fast. I haven't got the time to complete all. Hope to come back again soon.

It was indeed a great night spent. Thanks Nuffnang and Trick Eye Museum.

Come to Trick Eye Museum now and stretch your imagination to create new poses for the different exhibits. Best to go in groups and have fun together.

Ticket price:
Adult - $25
Children and senior citizen - $20

For more information, pls visit

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