Friday, July 15, 2016

Launch of Paradigm Premium Wireless Speaker Series

Paradigm has been an international leader in speaker design as well as leading edge of speaker technology, achieving the ultimate in sound for music and home theater.

Paradigm has just introduced the premium wireless speaker series in Singapore.

Having the convenience of wireless speaker, it does not sacrifice the performance.

It combines DTS Play-Fi wireless streaming technology that allows us to experience the freedom of wireless audio streaming with bold, dynamic performance.

At the launch, we experienced the high resolution audio through the demonstration of the different models of wireless speaker.

The sound output was really clear and perfect, so amazing. Technology really does wonder.

Paradigm's Premium Wireless Series products provide listeners the freedom and flexibility to stream their high-resolution music wirelessly over an existing Wi-Fi network to any number of connected speakers that use DTS Play-Fi technology once paired with the Play-Fi App.

User can use the Paradigm PW AMP to instantly stream high resolution audio to existing traditional speakers or in-wall speakers. 

We can now access personal digital audio libraries from anywhere in our home with the touch of a screen. Take advantage of endless choices from online music streaming services from any device, Android or iOS mobile or PC.

Premium Wireless Series product performance is enhanced by Paradigm's exclusive Anthem Room Correction (ARC) technology. 

With this technology, it can optimise speaker performance in any room very quickly and easily, adjusting the speaker's output for perfect sound.

The series received Premium Award-Winning sound by the top audio magazines and audio professionals worldwide.

Paradigm's Premium Wireless Series products can be easily incorporated into existing control systems with the help of Fusion Research's Ovation Play-Fi server.

Fully powered stereo speaker with built-in Anthem Class-D amplifier that streams lossless audio wirelessly over standard Wi-Fi networks. The 3 models of Premium Wireless Series are:
Premium Wireless 800 Stereo Speaker

Premium Wireless 600 Compact Stereo Speaker
Premium Wireless AMP 2-Channel Amplifier

Besides the wireless speakers, the launch also featured the next generation of award-winning high-end A/V receivers from Anthem Electronics. 

The latest MRX A/V new features and improvements includes supporting the latest UHD video formats, immersing audio decoding and providing new standard in high-end home theater receivers.

We have a cosy audio experience at Fullerton Suite @ Fullerton Hotel.

The trio.
Great to have them with me at the launch. So happy to see them again, we have so much things to catch up on.

A OOTD shoot at the hotel lobby to end off the post.

For more information about Paradigm Premium Wireless Series, please visit

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