Sunday, September 4, 2016

Ultimate Comfort with Laurier Ultra Gentle

Periods are an inconvenience that many women faced every month.

During those few days, girls experienced being emotional, discomfort around our intimate area and uneasiness.  For me, I always feel insecure during period. I become cautious about my dressing, I will avoid wearing light colours or thin material clothing in case of overflowing.

Do you know that 7 out of 10 women have experienced skin discomforts around their intimate area during period days?

What cause these problems?

We term this discomfort as Napkin dermatitis (inflammation of human skin with symptoms like itchiness, soreness and rashes).

Factors that trigger napkin dermatitis:
- High humidity environment
- Physical stimulation due to contact of napkin surface with the skin

We always thought that our eyelid area is the most delicate part of our skin because of the thin skin layer. 
This is actually not true because our intimate area has the least number of protective skin layers. The intimate area is the thinnest with average thickness of 6 layers, even thinner than eyelid! Hence extra care needs to be taken when protecting the area against inflammation.

Since periods are inevitable, let's accept it and get comfortable during our period week. 

Today I will be sharing with you my experience of using Laurier Ultra Gentle, sanitary pads.

Laurier is one of the brands that I have been using all these years. 
Being someone that is insecure, I always go for the thick and safety comfort sanitary pads during the heavy flow days, reducing the chance of leaking. Little did I know, this will cause our intimate area to be humid and sensitive.

To put a stop to skin discomfort and irritation, Laurier has introduced Ultra Gentle range of products to relieve skin irritations. 

Laurier Ultra Gentle is also the first napkin in Singapore to be dermatologically tested and very gentle to the delicate skin.

The improved range features the Block Patterned Core technology which ensures that the new Laurier Ultra Gentle conforms securely to our body movement, giving you better fit and comfort.

Laurier Ultra Gentle has following benefits:

Superior Absorbency
The Quick Lock System absorbs and locks fluid quickly through super absorbent high density fibres
Bid goodbye to that sticky, stuffy and wet feeling.

Ultimate Comfort
Unique airy soft wavy top sheet reduces skin contact so there’s no rubbing throughout our period. Thus, minimizing skin irritations and discomfort caused by friction. It ensured superior comfort even for the most delicate skin.

Extra Breathable
Airflow is channeled and promoted by the wavy surface that makes it 5x more breathable, thus relieving stuffiness, moisture and itchiness.

Laurier Ultra Gentle 25cm - $5.60
For normal to heavy flow use

The texture of the napkin was very soft and gentle on skin.
Despite being ultra thin, the napkin was very absorbent and suitable to use during heavy flow. It really amazed me. It allows us to feel comfortable even during period time.

Laurier Ultra Gentle 30cm - $4.80
Normal to heavy flow night use

The long napkin ensure we have a comfortable sleep without worrying about the back-flowing that resulted in stain of clothes. I also used this for heavy flow day too because I prefer a long version during heavy flow day as 25cm can be short for me.

Although it is important to change napkin frequently, it is also important to choose high quality napkin that is specially designed to reduce skin irritations. Laurier Ultra Gentle sanitary napkins will be my choice.

Laurier Ultra Gentle is available in different lengths at leading supermarkets and personal care stores:

Day use:
Ultra Slim Light Flow (18 pcs, 20.5cm) - $5.20
Ultra Slim Day (16 pcs, 22.5cm) - $5.40
Ultra Slim Heavy Day (15 pcs, 25cm) - $5.60

Night use:
Slim Night (10 pcs, 30cm) - $4.80
Slim Heavy Night (9 pcs, 34cm) - $5.35 
Slim Extra Heavy Night (7 pcs, - $4.95

To find out more, pls visit

For girls who are interested in trying out the Laurier Ultra Gentle 25cm, you can now redeem 2 pcs sample at

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