Saturday, October 15, 2016

Sample Store Giftopia Beauty Lifestyle Event

I sure you guys heard of Zootopia, but how about Giftopia?

Sample Store has launched Giftopia movement turning us back time to the good old days.
With technology advancing fast in today's world, we communicate with each other using smart phones via whatsapps, sms, social media messaging. Gone are the days where we communicate using snail mail. Therefore Sample Store has took us back in time to the old good days of writing postcards to one another.

Previously I attended the tea session with Sample Store and was given the Giftopia postcards. I really love all these postcards, some of the message is cute and meaningful. I haven't been sending postcards for ages, this is a good time for me to start pen down my messages and send to all my loved ones. Best of all, the postcards can be sent out straight away because postage has been paid.

Let me know if you want to receive one of these postcards from me, I can write one to you too (:

To embrace the spirit of giving, Sample Store organised the Giftopia event over the weekend at Raffles City, Atrium @ Level 3 where attendees received a welcome gift upon registration. 

At the event, one can find many exclusive product offers.
Here we were at Singpost booth where we can purchase packing materials at a discounted price.

There were many exciting products showcased by the creators and beauty brands definitely caught our attention the most. We were spoilt for choices by the different beauty brands available.

We stopped by at Que Origin booth. 
Que Origin is known for their body products, especially their luxurious shower gel.

We saw many interesting products at Karmartsclub Singapore
KARMARTS is a leading cosmetics and beauty products provider. They featured the brand, Cathy Doll, at Giftopia. We love the diversity of Cathy Doll products ranging from cosmetics, skincare, to personal care. 

The feminine colours and charismatic packaging was what that attracted us. Cathy Doll painted a pretty picture of delight through its illustrations of joyful and cheerful cartoon dolls.

Credits to KartmartClub Singapore for the photo.

We were given a couple of products from Cathy Doll in our goodie bag. Stay tuned for my review.

This booth with the decks of beauty boxes stack up has garnered lots of crowds.

We were introduced to BeautyKeeper, a beauty box service that brings Taiwanese beauty products closer to us. There is free international delivery if we purchase more than $200 in one parcel.

Here are some of the products available at BeautyKeeper. Beauty masks are one of their hot selling items.

I was particularly attracted to HANAKA Macaron Facial Mask. At one glance, I really thought it was an edible macaron and I love eating macaron.

Other than masks, they have beauty care and makeup products available. These products are all in full size.

Jas and I were feeling happy because we were bagged home with the beauty box. Will be sharing with you the products in it and the reviews in my next post.

For more information about BeautyKeeper, pls visit

We passed by the temporary tattoos booth and was fascinated by the designs drawn.
It's stencil hand-drawn temporary tattoos.

Watching the artist in action.

I have a lovely time spent with the girls.
Our outfit colour coincidentally matched each other, red and black

Hopped around other booths selling cute collectibles.

One can also purchase the Giftopia postcards at the event.

We were treated to delicious refreshments after exploring all the booths.
I love the pastries so much.

Thanks Cookie for the photo.

Cathy Doll Invisible Sun Protection was given in our goodie bag and I immediately took it out for use. I have just finished using my sun block and this comes in handy.

The texture is very light texture and it provides protection of SPF33 PA+++ that effectively shield our skin from UV rays without leaving greasy feeling.

Apart from Cathy Doll, I received products from White Formula.

Super Moist Facial Foam

It contains 3 types of Hyaluronic Acid which permeates the different skin layers and works synergistically to achieve optimum moisturization and Skin firmness.

Intense Brightening Toner W Tranexamic 35ml

It helps to lighten the skin, regulate melanin production and reduce dark spots.


I have a wonderful time spent with these girls. Thanks Sample Store for organising this event. We enjoyed our time trying out the products and being exposed to many new brands.

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