Monday, December 26, 2016

Primero Fitness Foam Rollers Home Exercise

Recently, I started working out to live a healthy lifestyle and also to lose weight. 
Exercise aids in weight control as it burns away our calories. Eating all the good food makes me guilty of having only inputs and no outputs.

For people who goes workout, foam roller exercises are a must. Foam rolling can be incorporated into our exercise during the warm-ups and cool-downs stage to massage and release our muscles tightness.

Warm-ups - Stimulate blood flow and prepare muscles to push themselves to the limit.
Cool-downs - Release permanently contracted knots in your muscle and boost supply of nutrients to the damaged muscle.

Health and beauty benefits:
- Improving blood circulation
- Eradicating muscle knots
- Smoothing out the fat deposits
- Creating a glowing skin

As a working adult and student, I practically spend my days sitting in front of computer. At times, I experienced body aching and stiff shoulder. Hence, doing a simple stretching exercise on the roller can help to relief muscle aches after long hours of sitting in front of a computer.

Primero Fitness sent me 2 of their foam rollers for trying out, so here is my review:

The first foam roller was Fascianator II (discounted price - $54, original price - $80).
Manufactured by Myotrigger Foam Rollers, Fascianator II comes with a 6 Month Warranty

This is one of the hardest foam rollers available on the market. Fascianator II Foam Rollers is used by fitness enthusiasts, crossfitters, bodybuilders, and even national athletes.
Made with the highest quality closed cell high density EVA Foam, this ugly bruiser will soften you up in no time.

Dimensions: 33cm x 14cm x 14cm.

The spiky looking foam roller suits hardcore athletes . Other than the tough looking exterior, Fascianator II is able to withstand high and heavy pressure.

I'm sure guys will love this. The user will portray an appearance of being tough and intimidating.

I started off with legs rolling by placing my leg in the centre of the foam roller.

Rolling around the knee area back and forth, massaging my legs and release the knots in my muscles. Don't need to worry that the spiky foam roller may hurt you, the foam roller has a soft texture that will not leave mark on you.

I used it for back rolling too.
The spikes will not hurt our back, just control the amount pressure if you experience pain. Feeling a slight discomfort is normal.

I really enjoy using the foam roller. It helps my muscle to relax and I don't feel that aching after workout.

The next foam roller to introduce is Centenarian (discounted price - $46, original price - $69). 
Filled through with ultra solid density foam, this foam roller comes with a 100 Year Warranty. Enough to last me for the lifetime.

The popular grid designed foam roller now comes with an indestructible core that is suitable for all muscle groups. 

Dimensions: 33cm x 15cm x 15cm.

I personally preferred Centenarian. I like the soft and smooth texture that do not cause discomfort to our body.

Here is an infographic on foam rolling exercises by MyoTrigger.

Primero Fitness Foam Roller is loved by professional athletes, pilate practitioners and gym users. Primero Fitness sells all kind of exercise equipment. Other than foam roller, they have dumbbells, exercise mats and barbells.

With the on-going festive season celebration, Primero Fitness is offering huge discount for everyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle, maximizing body performance and recovery.

For more information about Primero Fitness Foam Rollers, pls visit

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