Thursday, January 12, 2017

School Tales Horror Movie Review + Charcoal Thai

It was indeed a night of Thai affairs with my 四面夏娃. We started off the night with watching a Thai horror movie and ended the night with mookata.

Met up with the girls at Shaw Theatre @ Nex for the movie. It's been a long time since I last watched horror movie as I'm not really a big fan of horror movie. I haven't meet up with them since Christmas so I decided to join in for the movie. Thanks GF for bringing me to the movie.

Every school has its tales of horror and mystery…
And the best time to share these school tales is during camp where the students have to stay in the school.

In this movie, the marching band is staying over at the school for their annual camp. A group of members gathered together after their band practice to share about the school ghost tales that have been passed down through generation. Since the night is still young, the 7 of them except the leader (Ohm) decide to “test” if some of their school’s ghostly tales are for real by spliting in pairs for ghost hunting.

 However, when the group returns, 3 of them (one in each pair) are missing.

Tale 1 explored by Top and Net.

Top and Net went over to explored an abandoned building to test their luck if they can see the ghost of Yak. 

A big size, slow-witted student was always being bullied by his classmates and the students called him “Giant”. One day, Giant was tricked into an abandoned building in the school. He panicked, ran and fell to death from a staircase. After the incident, students avoid going to the building and those who wander near would hear a voice asking “Where are you?”…

Tale 2 explored by Song and Pete.

The library is haunted. The ghost with a hideous face will appear if someone goes to the library when it’s empty and disrupt the peace. The ghost will go "Shhhh". If anyone hears that, they are doomed. 

Song and Pete wandered around the library. Suddenly one of them dropped a book and the "Shhh" sound was heard.............. 

Tale 3 explored by May and Cream.

In the band’s rehearsal room, Pawadee's spirit will be summon if someone plays 9 specific notes on a flute in front of the mirror.

The band leader, Ohm, together the girl he loves, Pun, went to uncover the mystery behind the tales, helping the spirits to find closure and rest in peace.

The graphic of the movie is not that scary but the sound effect makes it scary.
The movie reminded me of the old times during our camp in school where we gathered in a circle at night to tell ghost stories. The only difference is we didn't specified stories on ghost tales and we don't go around exploring. I always experienced hard time sleeping in classroom so I opt to do sentry duty and keep watch while the others were asleep.


Right after the movie, we met up with Ryden and Kelvin for a dinner gathering. This dinner was also to celebrate GF's birthday in advance before she heads off to her Japan trip.
Happy birthday in advance.

My first time trying out mookata at Charcoal Thai. They were having promotion on the mookata buffet so we decided to try on that.

We just whack on the ordering because we settled down at 9pm and last ordering was 9.30pm.
We ordered plates of meat, vegetables, meatballs, tofu and etc.

We were so hungry by then.
Let's start digging.

We swiped clean 54 plates of items in less than 2 hours. The restaurant supposed to close at 10.30pm but we ate till 10.50pm. Really the last customer leaving.

We felt satisfied after a sumptuous meal.
It was already 12am when I reached home, how I wish it was a weekend the next day.

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