Friday, December 9, 2016

Shu Fang's and Guan Ying's Wedding at Furama Riverfront Hotel

Attended another cousin's wedding, the last wedding of the year.

Woke up early to pair up the clothes to wear before heading to work and here's my selection.

My first time wearing a long skirt.
I love this outfit, it flared just at the right place. Long skirt or dress always make girls look more elegant. It made me feel comfortable too, without the need to worry about the sitting position that one might zhao geng.

I headed over to Furama Riverfront Hotel to look for my family after my work. 
My eldest cousin's wedding was previously held at this hotel too. After 5 years, I was back again at Furama Riverfront Hotel.

After around 20 minutes of waiting, finally we were seated.

The bride and groom graced the ceremony.
My sis looked so pretty that day. A happy bride is a pretty bride.

白马王子 and 白雪公主.

The newly weds were on stage for cake cutting ceremony, the traditional ceremony during banquet.
Wishing the couple a blissful marriage. 

With the newly weds entering the ballroom, the dinner was ready to be served. Here we go.

First up was the Venus cold dish combination.
The combination consists of prawn salad with cocktail fruit, jelly fish, ngoh hiang, roasted duck and deep fried beancurd roll.

Shark fin's soup with fish maw and crabmeat.

Roasted chicken with mince garlic.

Braised flower mushroom with broccoli. 
Broccoli is the least favourite vegetables of mine, I don't like the taste of it.

The newly wed has changed into another set of gown and suit.
My sis's gown made her look like a princess, like the one Cinderella was wearing.

Time for the toast.
During the last toast, the newly weds were made to kiss each other while the guest did the yum seng and only at the seng, the couple can then stop kissing.

Stewed Ee-fu noodles to end off my dinner.

Congratulations to Shu Fang's and Guan Ying.
May you guys have a wonderful journey ahead.

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