Saturday, February 11, 2017

FTISLAND Live [THE TRUTH] Singapore 2017

After 3 years, FTISLAND is back to Singapore again.

I was there for their concert 5 years ago too, so happy to see them back again. 

My first time in the standing area for concert.
Thanks Jeremy for the ticket.

The fans have all been waiting eagerly for the comeback of FTISLAND.
We found ourselves a spot near the centre of the stage.

The boys took the stage with their electrifying songs.
They were very energetic and have spread their vibes to the crowds. Everyone went high together with the boys.

Hongki, Jonghun, Jaejin, Seunghyun and Minhwan took turn to greet the crowds. Hongki also commented that the crowds have all grown up since he last seen us few years back. We have grown together with them.

 Besides the songs from their latest albums, FTISLAND also performed songs from their first album to reminisce the old good times. 

FTISLAND also tried to adapt to our Singapore culture by speaking Singlish like 'so hot lah'. So hilarious. They definitely know how to keep the crowds entertained. There is never a boring moment.

Hong Ki thanked the fans for waitng patiently for them even though their last visit was 3 years ago.
They are also worried at the same time if the fans in Singapore has forgotten about them and thanked the crowds for coming today.

The 2 hours concert has come to an end.
Great time always passed fast.

Good bye boys.
It was a great 2 hours of energetic performance.

See you soon again in Singapore.

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