Saturday, June 17, 2017

Happenings in June - Weekend Outing

Saturday 10/6/17

We made our way down to City Hall to check out the various money changer stalls to compare the rates and chose the best rate to change our Hong Kong currency. We will be going to Hong Kong in another month time and already sort of got our itinerary planned. Now what's left is just to wait for the day to arrive. So excited.

We were in matchy colour outfits, this was not something planned.

Feeling hungry since I only had brunch earlier on, we went for early dinner at 5pm at Just Acia. I have cravings for their wide variety of ice cream flavours.

While waiting for our main course, we shared a cup of chocolate and vanilla soft serve mix.

Our main course was here. Bf had salmon spaghetti.

While I have my all-time favourite crispy chicken rice. I just love crispy chicken so much.

Taro, green tea and strawberry ice cream.
Of all, I love taro flavour the most. Super delicious and addictive.

We have been running out of places to go during weekend, so we always went to our regular hangout places to just walk around. Any recommendation on where you guys normally spend your weekend.

Sunday 11/6/17

Today was a relaxing day for us as we just lazed at home until dinner time. It's been awhile since we just spent our time at home, I think since my exam period last month. It's nice to do nothing once in awhile.

Pardon my messy hair, I just got up from bed.
Time to get up for dinner.

Since Father's Day is approaching next week, we brought bf's family out for a zichar dinner at nearby coffeeshop. Spending quality time with family is also important and should not be neglected. Aiming to spend time on that too.

Saturday 17/6/17

Hello Saturday. I love Saturday because it is our dating day, a day we can hang out together heading outdoor as we don't really went out on Sunday.

I want to look something different today so I just change my hairdo a bit and it gave a sweet looking finish.

We have oreo ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery. I love their ice cream because it was smooth and rich. Having ice cream just bring me to a happy mood.

After the dessert, it's time to take a walk to burn our calories.

We love going to places that can let us be away from the hustle and bustle. It made us feel like we were on a holiday.

We went Menya Musashi for dinner. 
I decided to try out their spicy soup base for the first time, I always order the white soup base but i want to try something different today. The red soup base was spicy yet savoury, my mouth was burst into fire.

Got myself a new top which I intending to wear for my Hong Kong trip. I love the street style look. Suitable outfit for a casual outing, I love wearing shorts and funky shirt when it comes to casual outfit.

With this, I end my night here. 
Good night.

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