Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Product Review: Filtech Tap Water Filter

Water is an essential need for all household consumption. Drinking from clean water is even important to prevent infection.

Water filter and purifiers are now the latest "in" trend to be installed in household. I always wanted to have the water filter to be installed in my house so that I can start drinking clean water right from the tap.

Filtech has kindly sent me Filtech Tap Water Filter & Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher for reviewing. Thanks for delivering the products to me.

Filtech is a company that specializes in supplying water filtration products to households which include faucet water filters, water filter pitchers and water filter shower heads. They offer products that are more affordable and convenient for use. The products have been tested and certified safe for use.

Let me start off with the review of Filtech Tap Water Filter first.

With Filtech Technology,  the 2-step ultra filtration eliminates up to 99% of bacteria, impurities and chlorine for cleaner and better-tasting water.

It took us awhile to figure how to install the tap water filter, we took less than half an hour to install the filter by following the above steps.

The tap water filter featured a 2-step ultra filtration. The filter can be replaced with just a twist of the lid and fit the replacement cartridge in the slot perfectly. The filter replacement in it has a lifetime of 3000L or approx. 4 months.

The package comes with various sizes of tap adapters making it suitable for all kinds of faucets and taps. Pick one that fits your tap perfectly.

Testing and fixing the parts.
The initial part in figuring out was the toughest for me. After figuring out, we will find that the installation is actually quite simple and easy.

After testing out, time to install it on the tap.

All done.
Oh yes, water is flowing out.

This is a 3 mode-switch tap. water filter. We can adjust the flow of water to filtered, unfiltered shower and unfiltered stream, depending on the purpose we want to use the water for.

This is unfiltered shower.

This is unfiltered stream which is our normal tap water where we can use it for washing hand or dishes.

This is filtered mode where filtered water will flow out from the filter.
The tap water filter uses Filtech Technology to remove impurities and bad odor as well as to prevent any bacteria growth inside the filter. It filters up to as small as 0.1 um of particles and impurities which ensures clean and pure water for drinking and consumption.

I really love this invention, now I can safety drink water from the tap without having to boil the water and kill the bacteria. It saves on the hassle, we just need to change the filter replacement regularly every 4 months.

The water is definitely safe for consumption, so much cleaner and healthier.

That's all for sharing, stay tuned to my review on Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher.

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