Thursday, May 25, 2017

Happenings in May - Zi Char + Ajisen + Seasonal Salad Bar

Thursday 4/5/17

May is a stressful month for me, it is my 闭关 month. During this month, I will try to stay home to revise on my modules when possible to prepare for my upcoming exam.

I have a simple dinner at my neighourhood to welcome my long weekend. Long weekend because tomorrow is not a working day for me.

Braised duck rice at $2.80.
Nowadays, it is hard to find a plate of rice at such a price.

We ordered a plate of stingray to go with our meal.
Time to start on some revision after the dinner. 

Friday 5/5/17

Yay, it's a rest day for me today but will be heading out for a short while. I need to collect my passport and run errands. My passport is expiring, so happy to collect my new passport. Time to travel soon again.

Bf accompanied me for the collection.

I have cravings for Long John Silver, I miss their fries. They have the nicest fries among all the fastfood. Lucky us, there is an outlet at VivoCity.

Thursday 11/5/17

Today's lunch was at Han Geun Doo Geun Korean Restaurant. A place that guaranteed you leaving full and satisfied. Just order a main course and you are entitled to free flow of tea and side dishes.

I decided to try the fired dumpling as my main course. 

My lunch accompanied with the side dishes and egg soup. Usually for side dishes, I only went for 1 round of serving because I was already full by the time I finished everything. So I am at a disadvantage whenever I go for buffet because I am not a big eater.

Friday 12/5/17

Finally endure until the end of work week. I was looking forward and not looking forward because I will be away from work for 8 days to 闭关 and my I have to sit for 3 papers with the first paper begins on next Thursday.

We have lunch at Han's, my first time trying their burger. Top up $3 for their fries and salad.
Yeah, break time begins.

Sunday 21/5/17

Since last week my uncle paid for our Mother's Day dinner, I decided to give mummy a dinner treat this week as my appreciation. Mummy has called my uncle and cousins to join us too, to thank them for their treat.

We went to Alexandra Village to have zi char.

Hello baby Krislyn, rarely see her look so happy. 
Just met her last week at her one year old birthday party.

Aiden has become such a big boy now, he is 3 years old.

Fish maw soup, mummy's favourite.
It tasted like shark fin soup.

More food coming up.
Whenever I have dinner with my family and relatives, we always over ordered our food until there is no place to squeeze another plate.

After dinner, I went back to mugging again. 
I felt that I didn't do well for my last 2 papers. I lost concentration on my second paper and was very distracted during my revision. Regained back my concentration for my last paper. 3 more days to go, jiayou.

Wednesday 24/5/17

Oh yes, I finally finished my exam and here is the start to my 2 months school holiday. 2 months of free time, no assignment, no revision and no class. Hurray!

I finished my paper at 6pm and there was no better way to celebrate by feasting away. I have cravings for Ajisen so bf brought me to Ajisen @ Tiong Bahru Plaza.

My last visit to Ajisen was nearly 2 years ago during my belated birthday celebration with my poly friends. I love their dinner promotion that comes with a drink, side dish and ramen.

I have chicken karaage ramen. The soup was savoury good with a hinge of spice in it.

Deep fried white fish is the side dish I never failed to order whenever I went to Ajisen. It was their nicest side dish among all.

Kimchi pancake. 

Time to turn on the laptop after the dinner to clear 8 days worth of email. So dragging to see the email........

Thursday 25/5/17 

Endure the first day back to work. While I was away that period, 2 of my colleagues have tendered their resignation letter and another one transferred to another team. So many movement when I was away.

Already counting down to weekend, 1 more day to go.

I have my dinner at my neighbourhood hawker centre and have my favourite hokkien mee. This is the best hokkien mee I ever have. The taste was marvelous and pork lard was added inside to further enhance the flavour of the noodle. Ever since I first ate their hokkien mee, I am hooked to it until now.

Cendol to end off my dinner.
I love the sweetness of the coconut sauce added. I'm a fan of coconut.

Feeling full and satisfied.

 Friday 25/5/17

Lunch was a joyful affair because our Heads are giving us a treat at Seasonal Salad Bar, thanks Nick and Helen for the lunch treat.

Seasonal Salad Bar offers a all-you-can-eat salad bar buffet and a main course included at the price of $20.95+ for lunch.

I have the salmon and fries for my main course.
The free flow selection includes fresh greens, ready-mix salads, daily soups, fruits and cakes.

End off my lunch with a soft serve vanilla.
It was a short work week for me where I only worked 2 days. My next long break will be in July where I will be away for a week, look forward to it.

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