Saturday, September 2, 2017

Loacker Singapore: Cocoa & Milk Product Range

One thing that you never find my house lack of is snacks, we often went to supermarket to stock up our snack corner. And one of our favourite snack is definitely Loacker.

So thankful for this pack of goodies from Loacker Singapore, they are my source of energy during my lazy staying home days. I'm equally happy spending time at home snacking on Loacker biscuit while working in front of my laptop.

Loacker is a well known brand for their wafer and chocolate from Italy. They have a wide range of products such as wafer snacks and chocolate bars.

Loacker has launched their new flavour, Cocoa & Milk, and has been awarded the ‘Product of the Year 2017’ in the ‘Biscuit’ category.

The new Cocoa & Milk creates an original, evolved, strong yet light experience. Come try the new flavour for an explosion in taste. Here are the additions:

1. Loacker Quadratini Cocoa & Milk Wafers 175g
 (Retail Price: S$3.75)

2. Loacker Quadratini Cocoa & Milk Wafers 45g
(Retail Price: S$1.20)

3. Loacker Quadratini Cocoa & Milk Wafer Cube 45g
(Retail Price: S$1.20)

4. Loacker Quadratini Cocoa & Milk Wafer Cube 175g
(Retail Price: S$3.75)

I like it that I can open up the seal to munch on the wafer bites and seal it back when I am done. There is no need for me to look for a container to store the remaining wafer bites. So convenient to have it anytime. 

Having a bag of Loacker Quadratini Cocoa & Milk Wafer Cube while working on my laptop is an enjoyable affair.

The Loacker Cocoa & Milk brings out the alluring contrast between the dark cocoa and milky white with its good 7% cocoa, and 75% of the exclusive Loacker cream, using high-quality and natural ingredients. No usage of colourants, preservatives, aromas and hydrogenated fats. This enables us to taste the new and exciting flavours, as well as eating happily without guilt of fats.

The Loacker wafers guaranteed freshness because they are wrapped up piping hot from the oven. You know it is true as soon as you bite into them.

I love these bite size cocoa & milk wafer cookies, they are so crunchy and pretty addictive. The wafer was complemented with the cocoa and milky cream filling. The sweetness level was just right. I just kept popping them into my mouth without control.

Besides the new addition, I also received some of the all-time favourite biscuits from Loacker. Thanks for sending them to me.

Loacker Cremkakao, Vanille and Napolitaner crispy wafer.
The packaging is small and easy to carry around. I have them in my bag so that there is something for me to munch on when I feel hungry on the way, especially when I am in class.

Loacker Fogliette for dark chocolate lovers.

Love this bag of assorted chocolate and wafer cookies, it contains lots of mini packs that is good for distribution among the young kids. The size is just right the kids. 

Loacker’s Cocoa & Milk favour and other products is available in selected NTUC FairPrice, Cold Storage, Giant, Sheng Siong, SPC, Caltex 7-Eleven & Cheers outlets.

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