Friday, September 29, 2017

Food Review: Burger King Stacker Burger


Began my Friday with a feast to welcome our deserving weekend at Burger King.

Burger fans and meat lovers will love this because Burger King Stacker Burger is back to let us feast like a king.

The Stacker Burger is available in 2 choices - Honey Mustard BK Chick’n Crisp and BBQ Turkey Bacon.

Burger King Stacker Burger value meal starts from $6.90, it comes with double patty meat burger, a medium pack of thick-cut salted French fries and a refreshing drink. If you want to have more layer of patties just like the picture above, you can stack up an extra layer of patty with cheese to your burger for just $1.50.

Relish the Stacker Burger with our friends and family by stacking up the fun and enjoyment.

The BBQ Turkey Bacon Stacker Burger is made up of flame-grilled beef toppled with American cheese, crispy turkey bacon, BBQ sauce and served between a toasted 4-inch sesame seed bun. No preservatives, fillers or additives added. 

The Honey Mustard BK CHICK’N CRISP Stacker Burger is made up of double layers of tasty crispy chicken fillet topped with Swiss cheese, a juicy tomato, honey mustard, fresh iceberg lettuce, creamy mayonnaise and served between a toasted 4-inch sesame seed bun.

Cheers to Burger King Stacker Burger.
We can't wait to try out the burger of our choice.

I opt for Honey Mustard BK CHICK’N CRISP Stacker Burger. It was flavoursome with the different sauces added and you could feel the sauces oozing out with every bite. The crispy chicken was crispy on the outer and moist on the inner. Super delicious!

We swapped 3 of our French fries to onion rings for our value meal. 
I have been craving for onion rings. Each onion ring was perfectly fried and super addictive once you started having it. We cleared all the onion rings in no time.

During our tasting, we also played Jenga, the classic block-stacking board game. 
The rule of the game was to take turns pull out the blocks one by one and stack the blocks in a sturdy tower until it collapsed. I kept losing when it stopped at my turn.

Other than Stacker Burger value meal, we also tried on BK Nuggets and the lightly spiced Mexican Drumlets.

My first time trying on their Hershey's Sundae Pie.
I love the crunchy chocolate crust that was filled with chocolate ice cream filling and Hershey's chocolate chips. Anything that has ice cream is my favourite.

Ended the tasting with Chocolate Sundae Waffle ice cream.
Waffle and ice cream is always a perfect combination to go with for dessert. The hot and cold combination of dessert consisting of fluffy waffle, warm chocolate fudge and ice cream. No matter how full I am, there is still room for dessert.

Thanks Burger King for hosting us at the tasting session.  

For more information about  Burger King's current promotion, please visit

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