Friday, October 27, 2017

Happenings in October - Hawker Fare + Chasing the Dragon Movie Review

Sunday 8/10/17

Right after my facial ended at about 6.05pm, we made our way to Kovan Market & Food Centre for dinner. It was my first time dining at this food centre so I spent some time walking around to explore the individual stall and settled for Japanese Cuisine in the end.

I have crispy chicken and ebi don ($4) for dinner.
The don tasted very dry, it would be great if the rice can be drizzled with more sauce.

We ordered the cold soya bean drink at $1.40 from 69 Cold Soya Beancurd stall. Long time never drink soya bean.

We ordered Fried Oyster Omelette at $5 for sharing. The egg was soaked with the smoky wok fragrance.

Thursday 12/10/17

I met up with GF yesterday and she got me some souvenirs from Phuket. Thanks for the gifts and thinking of me when you were at overseas.

Today's lunch was at Soon Huat Dining House at Chinatown Point. It was my first time trying out at this dining place that specializes in Chinese and local signature dishes.

I ordered Hokkien Mee that was served in a dark sauce, I still prefer the our usual Hokkien mee that this dark sauce noodle. It tasted salty and not to my liking. I won't go for this again.

Saturday 14/10/17

We went to RWS in the late afternoon because I wanted to captured some photographs for my photography assignment. I took up digital photography technique course and one of my assignments required me to take capture photograph using a few concepts such as pattern, frame, silhouette and etc.

After I was done with the photography, we went back to VivoCity for dinner before our movie start. We went back to Central Hong Kong Cafe for dinner.

Bf tried on Durian Fried Rice. It was a very interesting dish, the taste of durian was a mild one and nothing too overwhelming. The taste was also a bit sweeter than the normal fried rice.

I had Hong Kong Rickshaw Noodle 車仔麵. I didn't have the chance to try this when I was in Hong Kong, so I decided to try it now. The ingredients in it consists of Braised Chicken Wing, Stewed Egg, Pig Skin, Curry Fishball, Crabstick, Radish and Sausage. The ingredients complemented well together.

Dinner for 2 pax was at $16.35.

In 1963, an illegal immigrant, Ho (Donnie Yen) sneaks into British-ruled Hong Kong. He soon rose to power in the underground world with guts and combat skills. 

Chasing the Dragon is a movie about smoking heroin. After many encounters, Ho the once good-natured man become physically crippled while saving Chief Detective Sergeant, Lee Rock (Andy Lau). Since then, Ho corrupts with Rock to become most powerful drug lord.

What goes around come around. One should never do anything that is illegal. If karma doesn't strike you, it might strike on the people dearest to you. Chasing the Dragon is quite a violent movie, not a movie for weak hearted person.

Friday 20/10/17

Today lunch was a joyful one. We were back to Chinatown Complex Food Centre for their wide variety hawker food.

We love their Xiao Long Bao, it was soak with the goodness of the broth that leave us wanting for more.

I have bandung to ease my thirst and cravings for sweet drink.

I have this plate from Food Street Fried Kway Teow Mee.
The char kuey teow was delicious with smoky taste lingering in my mouth.

Lunch was a wonderful affair and leave me feeling bloated.

Saturday 21/10/17

With slightly less than a month to my exam, I am starting to prep myself for the exam. Starting from now on, I spent my time staying at home during weekend and my free time for intensive study to revise on my 2 upcoming papers.

I only went out for dinner during evening time on my Saturday.

We have McDonald for dinner. Samurai burger is back, so I decided to have a try on it. I have never try Samurai burger before. 

The sesame buns was sandwiched with juicy grilled chicken patty, covered in teriyaki sauce and flanked with crisp lettuce. It can be very messy eating it as the sauce will be dripping all over. One try is enough for me.

I ended my dinner with a sweet corn cone ice cream at $1, the soft serve corn flavour ice cream. It tasted very creamy and smooth, but corn flavour is not really to my liking.

Time to head home and continue my revision.

Thursday 26/10/17

I went over to Merlion Park during evening to capture landscape pictures for my photography project. 

Finally we finished with the shoot before the sky turned complete dark. After I was done with the shoot, we went to Lau Pa Sat for dinner.

I have Thai omelette rice for dinner. Bf thought it will not be full enough for me so he added another sunny side up. 

Oyster omelette from Seng Kee Local Delight. It was an egg overdosed dinner. That's not the only egg I have. Lol.

Today was a happy day because our next overseas trip is confirmed. We just booked our Taiwan's air ticket and accommodation for January 2018. Yes, the main thing has settled, next is to plan our itinerary. Taiwan trip is coming in 3 more months. We are so looking forward.

Friday 27/10/17

GF and I met up regularly for lunch especially on Friday. We spent our time catching up about our latest happening and sharing on our upcoming overseas trip plans. We always went to our usual hangout place for lunch at Okg Express (Chinatown Point). We love their affordable menu price and it was not a very crowded place.

Both of us have Curry Chicken rice for lunch at $5.70. We love it very much, the curry was flavourful and not too spicy. I kept scooping the gravy and drizzled it on my plate of rice and pair it with the tender flesh of the chicken. It was a delicious lunch.

Sharing stops here, I will be back with more. 
Hope you enjoy reading.

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