Thursday, April 21, 2011

Puma Social Finale Party!

Yeah, it’s a 4 work day week this week. Shiok to the max, we have a long weekend to rest, so how could there not be a party to welcome the long weekend?

As Easter Day is on this coming Sunday, Ying gave each of us a Kinder Joy egg. That’s so sweet of her ♥ Not only that, Ying also helped me with my work so that I could leave on time. Really thanks a million, I appreciated it (:

So after work, I quickly chiong down to Plaza Singapura to meet Neu Syhan.

Though it’s been like nearly 4 years since we last met, we don’t feel any awkwardness between us as we had so much to talk and gossip about.
Slowly make our way up to Old School for a party night.
We were invited to the grand finale of Puma Social Party, the last party for all the After-Hour athletes ♥

Here were some of the puma’s apparel on display:

Catch the upcoming trend of the sporty fashion.

That should be the spirit (: Get ready for the party and play like we never have before.

Not only apparels, Puma also have beautiful watches.

Seriously, the lighting resembled those at nightclub. I love it. (You will know why later)

You can get your free drinks at the bar. See the word “SKY VODKA” – We must definitely try the vodka over here, see whether did it gave us any superior sensation. Lol.

We tried the cranberry vodka. I had tried it before during a chalet and I liked this combination, it tasted good (:

I loved playing the football game despite we lost. It was extremely fun!

There were shoes dangling over at the ceiling. We realised we couldn’t spot a same pair of shoes as everyone is one of its kind.

Also, the music was incredibly rocking. Practically, we need to shout to the person’s ear in order to heard what one was talking. The music was awesome, I knew most of the songs there (:


This time round, they had added Air Hockey to the late night games!!!! This was one of the long queue game.

Everyone is getting hyper as the night goes.

Oh ya, I mention above that I loved the lighting of the venue because it added colours to our photos – so picture perfect ♥

Spotted Janessa at the party too. The polka dots family (:

Many celebrities were also down at the party to support this magnificent event. They were having friendly match of ping pong against the other celebrities:

Bobby Tonelli and Irene Ang from Fly Entertainment spotted.

Dawn Yeoh and Irene Ang – Team Singapore.

A group photo of the two teams after the battle.

Playing with pretty objects at the outdoor.

With my pretty cop ♥

Intoxicated with tiger beer and vodka.

Next up:

Elvin Ng and Jade Seah.

Photos with Zhang Zhen Huan.

Jade Seah and Zhang Zhen Huan in the match.

After the match ended, headed for another round of drink:

We had orange vodka this time round.

Yet another round of friendly match between the gals and guys.

Had a photo with Elvin. Thanks to his fans for this nice picture taken ♥

Can life get any better than this?

With Rebecca. She is so pretty, isn’t her?

With George. loved this photo ttm ♥

Thanks Puma for the hardwork of bringing the finale party to a great success, this was really one of my best party ever ♥

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Let’s Sweets with Buddies!

Yes, finally meeting up with buds again. It’s been quite some times since I last saw them, especially Jo, the last time I saw her was probably in July. I missed them so much!!

Met up at Bugis after our work. We were pondering over what to eat while waiting for Rachel. Torn between steamboat or jap food.

And we chose the Japanese Buffet & Sweets. Siying was attracted by the dessert!!!

One thing specially about this restaurant was that each buffet session is only 70 minutes and there were stopwatches placed at every table. Lol. So our strategy was to eat first and save the talking to the last.

Let’s Sweets is actually a combination of western and japanese delicacies – western main course and japanese dessert.

Pizza and pasta.

What’s special about the dessert:

I had blue jelly, strawberry Mousse, strawberry tart and cheese cake ♥ Desserts is soon becoming a necessity after my meal now.

More pasta to keep me occupied. Wide spread of food – more choices of pasta and pizza awaiting. Stopped eating after that even though I would love to go for more. Gotta watch my diet as I don’t want my size to expand any further. Seems like the rest was full also. So we chit-chat till the end of the buffet session.
So that’s the stopwatch I was talking about earlier on. The first time we eat till so “gang kor” - racing with the time.

Finally, we were done with our meal.

Had group photo before we left.

Lets keep our friendship going ♥

So activities after dinner. Of course is shopping, in one way, it helped in digestion too. I need more clothes but couldn’t find something that I like.

YH was complaining that she felt tired. This was super unusual! Someone who loves to drink shouldn’t be one that get tired so early. Lol, actually is shopping made her tired. If you asked her for a drink, she will be wide awake now =)

And yes, we decided to plan our next meetup session for a drink. YH was suggesting gay club. Lol. What do you guys think???

Friday, April 8, 2011

Puma Social Store Party‏

Hey people, it’s Friday. Time to party!!!!

Hong Ying and I went invited for a party @ Marina Bay Sands Shoppes. A sincere thanks to Puma for lighting up our night ♥ A great start for our weekend.

Taking a stroll at my favourite Helix Bridge.

So coindence we wore pink today. So funny, the minute I went office, everyone was like “Wow, you go chiong tonight?” Lol.

What does pink make you think of?

Pink made me think of “Get the party started”.

. . Don’t get it? . .

I’m comin’ up So you better you better Get this party started

I’m comin’ up So you better you better Get this party started

We made our way to Limited Edt Chamber.

The glee we felt upon entering the store, totally awed by it:

Here were some of the sneak preview of upcoming PUMA apparel. I loved the lighting, it made the shoes stand out (:

Snap! Snap! Snap! Met some of my fellow bloggers at the events: Ruiting and Janessa ♥ Yeah, we were playing with all the props. Dazzled by the bling bling ♥ Besides the sneak preview, Puma also had activities that kept you entertain throughout the party: Ping Pong. More and more people coming on their way. Hurl forward to the counter to get our drinks. Red bull and orange vodka. Ha, the orange vodka is no kick compared to the one I drank the other time.
By then, the place was fully packed with people. That’s how popular Puma is!

The props were grabbing my attention. It’s time to try out on them:

What does this spec look like to you? Well, it looked like 2 swans to me (: Does it look like to you or is my imagination running wild?

When trying out this spec. Ying said it got the “Lady Gaga” feel.

A normal one.

I want to celebrate and live my life.

And this was the DJ who was going to blow the speaker up (:

Table tennis.

Another activity that one could enjoy: table football.

I loved playing this when I was young.

This is my favourite prop of all. It seemed like the police cap and as those who knows, my ambition is to join the police force ♥

Here’s a photo with Ruiting.

Spotted Bobby Tonelli.

Each of us was given a poker card. I bet many of you all are thinking how is this card related to the party?

It’s sort of like a serial number. At times, the MCs would call out random card number to come out for a challenge. This is so creative (:

A pity Ying’s card is not a 10 or J, Q, K. If not we would have blackjack. Lol.

Once again, I will like to thank Puma for giving us this opportunity to attend this party. Its totally awesome!

One last photo to end our night:

Good night ♠


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