Thursday, April 14, 2011

Let’s Sweets with Buddies!

Yes, finally meeting up with buds again. It’s been quite some times since I last saw them, especially Jo, the last time I saw her was probably in July. I missed them so much!!

Met up at Bugis after our work. We were pondering over what to eat while waiting for Rachel. Torn between steamboat or jap food.

And we chose the Japanese Buffet & Sweets. Siying was attracted by the dessert!!!

One thing specially about this restaurant was that each buffet session is only 70 minutes and there were stopwatches placed at every table. Lol. So our strategy was to eat first and save the talking to the last.

Let’s Sweets is actually a combination of western and japanese delicacies – western main course and japanese dessert.

Pizza and pasta.

What’s special about the dessert:

I had blue jelly, strawberry Mousse, strawberry tart and cheese cake ♥ Desserts is soon becoming a necessity after my meal now.

More pasta to keep me occupied. Wide spread of food – more choices of pasta and pizza awaiting. Stopped eating after that even though I would love to go for more. Gotta watch my diet as I don’t want my size to expand any further. Seems like the rest was full also. So we chit-chat till the end of the buffet session.
So that’s the stopwatch I was talking about earlier on. The first time we eat till so “gang kor” - racing with the time.

Finally, we were done with our meal.

Had group photo before we left.

Lets keep our friendship going ♥

So activities after dinner. Of course is shopping, in one way, it helped in digestion too. I need more clothes but couldn’t find something that I like.

YH was complaining that she felt tired. This was super unusual! Someone who loves to drink shouldn’t be one that get tired so early. Lol, actually is shopping made her tired. If you asked her for a drink, she will be wide awake now =)

And yes, we decided to plan our next meetup session for a drink. YH was suggesting gay club. Lol. What do you guys think???


  1. owh! hey.. your photos are nice.. and the food too :)

  2. Thanks alot, nick! It's been a long time since we last chat.



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