Thursday, April 21, 2011

Puma Social Finale Party!

Yeah, it’s a 4 work day week this week. Shiok to the max, we have a long weekend to rest, so how could there not be a party to welcome the long weekend?

As Easter Day is on this coming Sunday, Ying gave each of us a Kinder Joy egg. That’s so sweet of her ♥ Not only that, Ying also helped me with my work so that I could leave on time. Really thanks a million, I appreciated it (:

So after work, I quickly chiong down to Plaza Singapura to meet Neu Syhan.

Though it’s been like nearly 4 years since we last met, we don’t feel any awkwardness between us as we had so much to talk and gossip about.
Slowly make our way up to Old School for a party night.
We were invited to the grand finale of Puma Social Party, the last party for all the After-Hour athletes ♥

Here were some of the puma’s apparel on display:

Catch the upcoming trend of the sporty fashion.

That should be the spirit (: Get ready for the party and play like we never have before.

Not only apparels, Puma also have beautiful watches.

Seriously, the lighting resembled those at nightclub. I love it. (You will know why later)

You can get your free drinks at the bar. See the word “SKY VODKA” – We must definitely try the vodka over here, see whether did it gave us any superior sensation. Lol.

We tried the cranberry vodka. I had tried it before during a chalet and I liked this combination, it tasted good (:

I loved playing the football game despite we lost. It was extremely fun!

There were shoes dangling over at the ceiling. We realised we couldn’t spot a same pair of shoes as everyone is one of its kind.

Also, the music was incredibly rocking. Practically, we need to shout to the person’s ear in order to heard what one was talking. The music was awesome, I knew most of the songs there (:


This time round, they had added Air Hockey to the late night games!!!! This was one of the long queue game.

Everyone is getting hyper as the night goes.

Oh ya, I mention above that I loved the lighting of the venue because it added colours to our photos – so picture perfect ♥

Spotted Janessa at the party too. The polka dots family (:

Many celebrities were also down at the party to support this magnificent event. They were having friendly match of ping pong against the other celebrities:

Bobby Tonelli and Irene Ang from Fly Entertainment spotted.

Dawn Yeoh and Irene Ang – Team Singapore.

A group photo of the two teams after the battle.

Playing with pretty objects at the outdoor.

With my pretty cop ♥

Intoxicated with tiger beer and vodka.

Next up:

Elvin Ng and Jade Seah.

Photos with Zhang Zhen Huan.

Jade Seah and Zhang Zhen Huan in the match.

After the match ended, headed for another round of drink:

We had orange vodka this time round.

Yet another round of friendly match between the gals and guys.

Had a photo with Elvin. Thanks to his fans for this nice picture taken ♥

Can life get any better than this?

With Rebecca. She is so pretty, isn’t her?

With George. loved this photo ttm ♥

Thanks Puma for the hardwork of bringing the finale party to a great success, this was really one of my best party ever ♥


  1. I love your happy party days <3 I wish I could join in D:

  2. @ pink: don't worry, you will have chance de :)

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  4. @ Rene: you mean the finale or the one at MBS?

  5. Dropping by from Luxury Indulgence. Thks for the 'nang' & I've done the same! Lovely blog u've got here. Looking fwd to sharing!



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