Thursday, June 30, 2011

Food Tasting @ The Eastern Restaurant

Together with the other bloggers and journalists, we had a food tasting session at The Eastern Restaurant which is located at Centrepoint #01-57. An oriental chinese restaurant who is best known for its Xiao Long Bao and handpulled noodles.

For all authentic chinese dish lover, The Eastern Restaurant is simply the place for it. Not only did they serve yummy Chinese cuisine, the prices are also affordable.

There are exclusive discount for Kaplan staff and students!

Just show your Kaplan identification card and you will be able to enjoy a 10% discount. Additional discount will be offered at the following hours:

3-5pm – 30%
5-6pm – 25%
6-7pm – 20%

Without further ado, lets begin our gastronomic journey:

Huai Yang salted duck

A yummy cold dish to kickstart our meal, the meat is so tender and delicious ♥

One of my favourite dish – Gao Li Xia

Fried food always taste the best. I loved how the crispy prawns go with mayonnaise – perfect taste ♥ Thumb up for that. Helping myself with it one after another.

Shrimp in “Long Jing” style 龙井虾仁

Green tea pep up with fresh shrimp. Though it may seem simple, but it’s definietelyappetizing ♥ Strong aroma of green tea make it irresistible.

Yummy Yummy!

Signature dish – Eastern Yi Ping Steamed pork dumpling 东方一品小笼包.

Arrgh, I loved the Xiao Long Bao. It is so juicy that when I had a bite, the juice came flowing out ♥ The skin is thicker to hold the generous portion of soup within it. Sucked out the juice before empty the dumpling into my mouth.

It made me crave for more.

Noodles with minced meat & mushroom in spicy sauce 炸酱面.

Anothe popular dish at the restuarant that you cannot miss. The sweetness of the sauce is really 一级棒 and the handpulled noodles is beyond the standard, Shifu really put a lot of efforts in it.

Wanton with hot chilli sauce, 红油抄手.

As you can see from the colour of the soup, it’s really spicy. Stand by your drinks at the side!!! But apart from that, the wanton is chewy and fresh.

Double boiled chicken soup.

It’s totally awesome, it has the strong aroma of chicken in the soup which made me couldn’t stop drinking. Finished every bits of it – chicken and dumpling.

Here comes the boss of The Eastern Restaurant, Mr Hoo Zhou Lin. A very friendly man who stayed with us throughout the meal and listening to our comments (:

Fu Rong special scramble egg, 芙蓉赛螃蟹 where egg white is mixed together with the crab meat.Before we began eating, we stir the egg yolk together.

I loved the combination. Remembered to try this dish when you patronise (:

Amazing spread of dishes! Every dishes seems impressive!

Shanghai pan fried pork dumpling, 上海鲜肉锅贴.

Handmade dumpling with consist mixture of pork, ginger and soy sauce. Yet another marvellous dish, like what I mention earlier, fried food always taste good. Served fresh from oven, being scalded by it.

Fancy the chinese dumpling?

Here’s a great combo meal at only $6.90!!! Available from 12-5pm excluding weekends and public holidays.

Flowing Custard Bun 流沙包

It’s actually salted egg wrapped within it. The custard was caught in the middle of sweetness and salty, it tastes just perfect.

Bloggers at work. Catch the bloggers in action, shoot before we eat.

Last but not least, red bean paste pan cake.

The red bean paste is really sweet ♥

Not only that, we have the opportunity to spy on how the chef make the “La Mian – handpulled noodles”

*credits to William for this picture.

Bloggers and Journalists @ The Eastern Restaurant. Thanks Dennis for the invitation

Visit The Eastern Restaurant @ Centrepoint

176 Orchard Road, Singapore City, Singapore 238843

Come join their facebook and twitter to enjoy additional 5% discount!!

Operating hours Mon – Sun: 11am to 10pm

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Buffet Dinner @ Marriott Hotel

Fast updates:

After our work, we made our work to Orchard Marriott Hotel for our buffet dinner.

Tyng, Fiona and Ming Shuenn were supposed to join but they couldn’t make it. So left only the eight of us. Tyng was sick, Fiona’s just back from her overseas trip and Ming Shuenn claimed that he had lots of stuffs that needs to be done, back off at the very last minute. Lmao.

This is my second visit to Marriott cafe, see here for my first visit.

Why did we thought of coming here again is because Amanda has the 2 for one discount. It’s really quite price valuable, which per person it is only about $30+++

Delicious spread of choice – bacon, salmon, prawns and toufu ♥

Helping myself to the 3rd serving. Buffet really bring out the typical Singaporean style in me, must eat until satisfied even though my stomach is bursting.

Desserts at the last. They looked so pretty, can’t bear to eat them.

We spent our time chatting away. Seriously, that one hour of lunch everyday is not enough for us to catch up finish (and also to gossip).

7 ladies and a gentlemen.

The gentlement did not want to join us in the photo. Must be afraid that his wife found out that he went for dinner with 7 ladies. Lol.

Bid goodbye to Marriott.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Siying 21st Birthday Celebration

So immediately after taking the Flyer ride and some photography shots, I quickly made my way down to Vivo to meet the guys before heading to Hort Park.

I was like half an hour late. I had tried my best to rush there le. *guilty look*

This is my first time going to Hort Park. Lol. I have many first time in 2011 – it’s really an awesome and fruitful year for me (:

Little did I know that Hort Park actually have functions room where you can organise a party for birthday celebration or even a wedding dinner.

Upon reaching the Flower Room. The name for the rooms were all related to plants as Hort Park is a gardening hub.

We were just in time for the dinner.

Yummy! I loved the prawns!!!

Drinks to keep us company. Wei Li was like er, not to his liking. He wanted to go bar and drink, practically like psycho me the whole night to go Yellow Jello.

Took a walk around Hort Park after the meal.

The scenary was so beautiful. I’m buried in a surrounding of green ♥

Back to the room for cake cutting session.

One thing special about 21st birthday is the speciality of the cake. All the cakes looked so nicely decorated (:

Happy birthday, gal ♥ Hope you have a wonderful celebration.

You have reached the legal age. Childhood days are over and adult life begins.

Spent the rest of the time chit-chatting and deciding on where to chill after the party. So at about 9.30pm, we started to packed up and tidy the place as the booking was only till 10pm.

Grabbed a photo with Nerissa before she left.

Lol, see what the guys were doing. They were supposed to burst the balloons but ended playing themselves.

It’s awesome to have friends who have car. After loading all the stuffs into the cars, the seven of us squeeze into 2 cars and made our way to Siying’s house to unload the stuffs before heading to Timbre (change of plan due to some reasons).

Reached Timbre at nearly 12am.

My face looked like tomato after consuming alcoholic drink. The alcohol has diffuse into my bloodstream. I wonder is it a good or bad thing?

Was one of the last two groups who leave. I’m so dead tired by then. Thanks for driving me safely to home.

Good night and sweet dream (:

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Singpore Flyer

Special thanks to NFC, I got exclusive tickets to Singapore Flyer. Invited my family and cousin along with me.

Before collecting the tickets, we went over to Just Acia @ Marina Square for lunch.

National Day is just one and the half month away, there are having rehearsal today.

The tanks were driving in slowly.

After a 20 minutes find, we finally found the ticketing booth.

Collected my tickets.

Walking back from MBS to Singapore Flyer. It's a long long walk.

The squad were ready to march off.

Touring around like a tourist.

Our virgin trip on the gigantic wheel.

Before we got to our capsule, we embarked on a Journey of Dreams.

Journey of Dreams is a brand new attraction in Singapore Flyer where the visitors will be awed by an engaging multimedia showcase that gives us a deeper appreciation and understanding of the Story of Singapore and the iconic Singapore Flyer.

My cousin and I.

Onboarding the scenic flight on the Flyer.

What was underneath us.

 Sorry for the flooding of photo, there was my first time on board the Singapore Flyer. I must take lots of photos for memories.

The world’s largest observation wheel is made up of 28 air-conditioned capsules which are capable of holding 28 passengers each, and a complete rotation of the wheel takes approximately 30 minutes.

Caught a glimpse of NDP rehearsal. Anyone got the tickets for the actual and wanna invite me for the parade?

I haven't been to F1 before. Hope to have the chance to witness the car racing.

taking in the amazing 360° views of Singapore and beyond. We were now at the highest peak which is standing at a stunning 165m from the ground – which is approximately 42 storeys high.

My schedule for today is really packed. Gonna rush to Siying’s birthday celebration immediately after touched down from Flyer. Will be schedule in my next post (:


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