Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kiehl's 160th Anniversary Press Event

Woohoo, Kiehl's is celebrating their 160 years of service to the community. Thanks Kiehl's for the warm invitation to their 160th Anniversary Press Event which took place at the ION glasshouse.

Arriving at the event with Jess and Christ.

William was one of the Kiehl's boys present at the event, thanks for extending the invitation to us too.

The famous sculpture in New York, Statue of Liberty was at the event celebrating the 160th anniversary too. How can I miss the opportunity to take a photograph with her!

Presenting to you the 40 Kiehl's boys.

The boys were forming up a pathway to welcome the guests to the glasshouse.

Enjoying ourselves at the event.

Stepping into the glasshouse, we were busy engrossed in everything that relate to Kiehl's.

A little history about Kiehl's
Kiehl's had been established since 1851, the venerable New York-based purveyor of fine quality skin and hair care was founded as a classic pharmacy in the East Village neighborhood 160 years ago.

160 years later, the magic that is the “Kiehl’s experience” extends around the world as the company continues to delight patrons with its high quality products that assure the health of their skin and hair.

The warm and friendly staff welcoming us with his wide smile.

The Kiehl's staff introduced and explained to us the various skincare products patiently.

Spotted the Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner, one of the top 10 most adored and trusted skincare products. It is best known for its soothing and refreshing properties to the skin.

Products and samples were being placed at the table. Try before you buy.
In that case, you will not waste money buying products that are not suitable for your skin.

The event was about to begin, everybody started to crowds around the stage.

The boys were still in line waiting for even more guests. Hang on there, boys.

The host of the event was none other than Chua Enlai. He was one of the casts in channel 5 variety show: The Noose.

Media, celebrities, fashion stylists and bloggers were turned up at the glasshouse

Mini games were being played on the stage too.

How the game goes?

See the 2 paper bags that the Kiehl's boys were carrying. It contained a sicentist coat, badges and the head accessory.

2 audiences will be selected to play the games. They have to dress up the skeleton exactly the same as the scientist skeleton in the middle.

The 2 lucky audiences. Finding them familiar?

Kiehl's Legacy - 160 years of philanthropy.

Over the years, Kiehl's has been actively involved in mutiple charitable endeavors to HIV/AIDS research, children causes and environment.

In celebration of Kiehl's 160th Anniversary, Kiehl's will be donating USD160,000 to charitable organizations in the United States and around the world in the 3 key Kiehl's causes.

You may log on to for more information and cast your vote as to which orgainzation should get a greater shares.

Happy birthday, Kiehl's!

160 years od serving the community and counting.

Till today, Kiehl's can be found in 36 countries with 130 free-standing stores and 760 points if sale.

Keep up the great job.

With my fellow friends. I'm sure they don't look unfamiliar to you.

Took a photo with Chua Enlai. Omg, I love his acting and his humour, especially the part where he acted in "The ghost must be crazy".

He was also a friendly person.

Nice gathering session with you guys ♥

(grabbed some of this photo from Wiliam.)

A family portrait of the Kiehl's boys and the Statue of Liberty.

The girls made a special request to William to join in and have a photograph with the 40 Kiehl's boys.

After which, we proceeded back to the glasshouse to catch the vintage Harley Davidson motorcycles which was display at the corner of the glasshouse.

Totally awe by it.

Not sure if you can see the bike clearly.

Thanks Kiehl's for all the lovely photos.

Chanced upon Darren who was at the event too.

Once again, happy 160th birthday to Kiehl's! I have an enjoyable day with Kiehl's. Looking forwards to Kiehl's future events and new product ♥

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