Thursday, September 22, 2011

Domino's Dinner Gathering

Headed over to Domino's Pizza outlet at Kovan with a group of friends for a dinner gathering.

Domino's Pizza is actually a renowned world branding with more than 8,900 franchise outlets in more than 65 countries globally.

Can't wait to try their Classic Hand Tossed Pizza!

Domino's pizza was brought in to Singapore on 22 October 2009. Within the 2 years, Domino's Pizza had expanded to 12 outlets now with more than 150 staffs supporting the operation.

Here are some of the reasons why I love Domino's Pizza:

30 minute delivery guarantee,
15 minutes take out guarantee,
product satisfaction guarantee,
nett pricing (No GST, no delivery charge)

What if my delivery does not arrive at the guarantee time?

If your delivery does not arrive at the 30 minute and 15 minute guarantee, you will be compensate with a free regular pizza voucher and free personal pizza voucher respectively.

And if your pizza is not hot, fresh, and great tasting when it arrives at your doorstep, your order will be replaced or money will be refunded.

Simply love their service ♥

We did an online booking of 2 pizzas on the spot to determine if the pizzas will be out if 15 minutes time.

However, your delivery areas must be within 10 minute drive time of the store. (if you can't key your postal code to the system, means you are not within the range for delivery.)

Woohoo, our delivery was here. It's within the 15 minute take out guarantee. The staffs were all cheering for their hardwork put in to make this possible. *Clap Clap!*

So hungry now, time to dig in!

First up was Hawaiian Paradise Pizza.
The pizza was made off 100% mozzarella cheese with succulent smoked chicken breast, turkey ham and juicy pineapples.

Hawaiian pizza was always one of my favourites. Simply just love the cheesiness of the pizza.

One of their new speciality pizza - Prawn Sensation

The succulent prawns was marinated in Italian herbs and spices, together with Belgian spinach, juicy cherry tomatoes and onions with brand new pizza sauce.

Compared to the other pizzas, Prawn Sensation has thicker crust. This is quite a unique pizza.

Extravaganzza pizza which I didn't get to try as I don't take beef. But hearing comments from my friends, they taste equally good as the other pizzas

Golden Roasted Drummet.

The meat was tender and delicious. Thumb up!

The drummet was out fresh from oven-baked. Savouring the goodness of the drummet.

Here's the delicious baked Garlic Cheese Onion Rings.
It was coated with garlic cheese seasoning on the outer layer.

Been craving for onion rings, so I took a couple more onion rings to satisfy my desire for it.

Chilli Chicken.

The pizza was make of smoked chicken breast, onion, red pepper and chilli flakes.

Seriously Hot!

Took a photo with the girls - Valentine and Jess.

Others were enjoying the food and chit-chatting as well.

Last but not least, was Chocolate Lava Cake.

The melted soft chocolate was all flowing out.

The chocolate lava cake was rich and scrumptious, it just melted in my mouth when I scooped it into my mouth. Yummy! Yummy!

After which, we headed for some photo-taking session.

New friends made at the dinner gathering (:

Thanks William for the awesome group photos taken.

For more information, you can visit their site at

or you may contact them at 6222 6333.



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