Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Get Your Sexy Back!

Thanks Jess, William and HP for the invitation to this tiger beer event. I had a fruitful tiger time with my friends.

Arriving at Asia Pacific Breweries (APB).

For those who are unsure about APB, it's actually one of the key player in the beer industry.

APB offers our consumers a range of global, regional and local brands that suit the varied needs of beer drinkers. Here are some of the brands under APB:

Tiger Beer
Anchor Beer
Baron's Strong Brew
ABC Extra Stout
Bintang Beer

It's a nice chilling out ambience with a group of friends.

APB Singapore also has a wide stable of beers and alcoholic beverages to satisfy our needs.

Awesome companion, awesome drink.

Thanks Alfred for bringing us here.

In the midst of having fun, we must not forget to be responsible for our action.

"It's not the drinking
It's how you are drinking"
Moderation is the new sexy, so go on and get your sexy back now!

GYSB Singapore had just recently launched their new campaign - I'm Staying Sexy!

GYSB Singapore is looking for people who knows how to have fun but takes control at the same time!

Wanna join them for the Ultimate Night Out Challenge?
Here's how you can participate:

Step 1: Share a story where you witnessed the most unsexy moment where someone lost control after having too much to drink!

Step 2: Get your friends to vote your entry as the most "unsexy" moment & you stand a chance to win!

Step 3: Vote for entries you like and be the lucky few to win a mystery gift every week!

8 lucky winners and 3 of their closest friends get to enjoy the Ultimate Night Out Challenge.

A series of challenges will be on their way:

They will check out 3 of the hottest clubs in town ans see if they can stay in control. And if one of your friends get drunk in the club, you will be out of the game.

Winner team of 4 will get a sponsored trip to Hong Kong.

Sounds so exciting right?

Visit GYSB Singapore facebook page and submit your entry now -

Never drink on an empty stomach as it will lead to intoxication. So lets dig in with the buffet selection.

Enjoy our food and drinks away.

With the girls. Missed Ruiting, have not seen her for a long time. Seeing bestie and Angie again (:

We are staying sexy!

Thanks William for the photos.

A toast to APB Singapre for this great gathering session.

Do not drink beer drown your sorrows, but drink to celebrate the good times.

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