Friday, September 2, 2011

Granny's 72th birthday

Had sumptuous meal with my families at Yan Palace Restaurant to celebrate Granny's birthday.

My uncle had booked an exclusive VIP room for us where we can dine in private under the cozy ambience. Not only that, the room also come with KTV facilities.

Of course, the price is also very exclusive.

Our room was at "Song Jiang".

Our first dish was Longetivity Peach (Shou Tao).

A steamed bun with lotus paste in it.

Shark fin. [lots of fillings in it.]

Was busy eating after that so no more photos of the food.

That's my youngest cousin. Finally took a picture of him, he is actually camera shy.When I took out my camera, he kept dodging from it.

Kids are damn smart nowadays.

My talented kor singing 听妈妈的话.

Yea, we are both Jay Chou's fans!!! I think he sang wrongly, it should be 听阿妈的话.

Happy 72th birthday to my Ah ma.

We sang many different version of happy birthday songs - English and Chinese. Played from the KTV.

恭祝你 福寿与天齐
恭喜你 恭喜你

With my dearest sisters.

Had a exciting time watching the soccer match Singapore vs China too.

The cousins and the future cousin-in-law. Lol.

After granny's birthday, I guess our next family gathering will be somewhere in December. Look forward to that big day ♥

P/S: Was rather busy nowadays, so I didn't upload other photos that we took.

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