Saturday, October 15, 2011

Onward Kashiyama's Fall/Winter 2011 + Avalon Fever

Yohoo, it's Friday. Time to let our hair down and welcome weekend here.

Meet up with a group of friends to check out the newly nightclub in town: Avalon.

The new era of entertainment.

Avalon is situated at the southern Crystal Pavilion and floating on the waters of Marina Bay amidst panoramic views of the skyline. Besides that, the entertainment club provides a visual affair of state-of-the-art full colour lasers, 3D mapping and high fashion interiors.

That night at Avalon, we have the privilage to see the showcase of the Onward Fall/Winter 2011 Fashion Collection:

The premiere showcase the three distinct brand segments: ICB, Rosebullet and Dip Drops Fall/Winter collections.

ICB collections:

See the fresh new concepts straight from Japan, they are all suitable for work and street casual.

Black is the chic.

The host of the night is Oli Pettigrew, our very own TV host.

With the ladies - Jess, Linda and me.

Besides the runway show, there is also an additional highlight of a live hair show by Shunji Matsuo.

Guess who is the lovely model???

Is Cheesie, one of Malaysian top blogger!!

Presenting Dip Drops fashion:

Vintage style.

I love this outfit. It looked so bright and sweet. With the legging on, it brings out the feminine of the person as a whole.

More colour playing can be seen in the collection of Dip Drops. Also, they are focusing more on the vintage style.

There is also this last part where a rack of clothes were displayed on stage, and the stylist will look at each model, mix and match the clothing found at the rack on the models:

With that, it concluded the end of the fashion show. And now we declare it's time for party!!!

With my new friend, Leo. Charming right???

With Joey (:

With William.

With HP.

And my GF of course. My great mind thinks alike friend ♥

Realised I did not took any photo with Terence and his friend. So grab this photo from GF.

The guys have tuned in to party mode.

It's always a fun night whenever I'm with them ♥

The party goers ♥

We can't bear to leave the club. We are indulge with the music that keep us rocking and feel like dancing. Time to let our hair down and go crazy.

Head down for dinner cum supper before partying again ♥

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