Thursday, January 19, 2012

Guinness Live Round 36- BENITA vs HOWIE

After our dinner, we went down to our usual hangout place on Thursday night:


As the time was still early for Guinness Live and the boys were too busy for us, GF and I decided to play camwhoring to kill our time:

We had so much fun taking the pictures and laughing at every single of them. Haha, only we understand what the joke is about.

Why are we looking so sianz and bored?
Follow us closely to know why!!!
Turn to that direction to know why.
See what the boys were doing?

They were at the other table chatting with the girls and PS us. Lol. Guys ar.

Ah ha, caught red handed.
Never mind. GF and I have Guinness Draught to keep us company,  we love it.

Today's match: Benita from team Shanghai Dolly vs Howie from team Firefly.

Benita's singing made me "wow", she had improved her singing tremendously from the last time I saw her:
Her voice is so sweet.

This is my first time seeing Howie.
He is in his rocker jacket and he demonstrates his high energy stage presence.
Mentor William and Fatt Zhai commenting on their singing.
I like Benita second song: 記得

The song is really nice and she sings it well.
Her facial expression has also become more natural and relax.

Lets not forget to thank Queen Band for their hardwork.

Howie is super high, trying hard to bring the atmosphere to the highest point.
Now is time to cast the vote.
The crowds then held up their whistle and cheer for the contestants.

Benita from Team Shanghai Dolly has win the match with the score of 83.

Well done, Benita.

I enjoyed the night with my usual companions. We will never get tired of meeting up each other for we have endless topics to talk about. Lets meetup soon again!

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