Sunday, February 19, 2012

Super Junior - Super Show 4

Thanks GF for bringing me to Super Junior World Tour Concert. Thanks babe, love you to the max.
I was jumping with joy the minute she invited me. Omg, finally I have the chance to see my favourite boys in town. It's Super Junior I'm talking about.

Super Junior kickstart the concert with the song: Superman


It was full house that night which attracted 11,000 concertgoers at the Indoor Stadium.
Are you a Suju fans too???

We got ourselves a very good seat.We are the first row apart from the standing pit. Happy like mad ♥
Unfortunately, I couldn't managed to snap lots of photos to share with you guys. In front of us were like 3 security guards, they catch people who take photograph -_-

Sigh, I have such a good spot but couldn't take picture. It will have been awesome if we are allowed to take. But nevertheless, I have managed to secretly capture some pictures to share:

Singapore Indoor Stadium has transformed into the stage layout in Korea where they added cranes, moving stage and trolleys.

Omg, I am so upclose with Siwon. At that moment, I went crazy and high. My favourite idol was standing so near to me. That's how awesome my seat is. Big thanks to F&N and GF.

Come on, everybody lets stand up and rock the night with Super Junior.

Eunhyuk spotted.

I loved this song they are singing - Do Re Mi.
Their expression is super cute!! How can they be so kawaii neh!

Flower boy - Eunhyuk.

Their cheeky and unexpected moves have impressed the me. I now have a new perception towards the 9 boys. Awesome <3

The boys are truly having fun on stages. They sang, danced and partied their hearts out at the concert.
It's such a heart-warming scene.

Credits to William

Awwww, it's Donghae. Omg, he's so good looking too. I'm gonna faint, my heart is screaming out loud~
Love the song featuring Donghae and Eunhyuk - Oppa Oppa

Welcome to the Super Show! 
Let's Go~! 
My name is DongHae! 
Let's party tonight!

Yes, party like a Superstar!

I have such a fantastic view, whats more can I ask for?

Credits to William

The security is really tight man, which result in only a couple of pictures taken. Therefore gonna grabbed some photos from William.

Kyuhyun say hi!

The concert isn't complete with their signature dance song - Sorry Sorry!

The 4 hours blast concert is coming to an end. The 9 boys had put up an awesome good show, it lived up to its name - Super Show 4.

That night, Super Junior has sang and danced their solid group performance - Superman, Bonamana, A-cha, , Mr Simple, Sorry Sorry. 

The talented boys also take turn to showcase their solo act which leave many fangirls squealing.

Oh no, I'm going to miss Super Junior.

Bidding good bye to the Singapore fans, Super Junior made their rounds in the stadium, walking round the extended stage platforms to greet the fans.

Goodbye Henry.

Goodbye Leeteuk. Leeteuk will be enlisting into the army soon which means he will not be in Singapore next year -_-

It was a fabulous concert, I have a great time being charmed by the boys. Thanks Jess for offering me me the Super Show. I have a Super great night (:

With the awesome companion at Super Show 4. Thumb up to Suju's fans!
Thanks Mint for the group photo (:

Thanks William for taking the risk to capturing some of the beautiful shots. He captured lots of my idol Siwon and Donghae.

SJ's fans, ehem ehem! which is me is happy to go home now after the live performances Super Junior. Not to mention, I came to such a close contact with Super Junior.

Hope to see you guys soon in Singapore, annyeonghi gaseyo!

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