Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kiehl's "Clearly Corrective" Blogger Event!‏

Arriving at The White Rabbit to attend Kiehl's "Clearly Corrective" Blogger Event.
Thanks Kiehl's for the kind invitation which allows me to discover more about the launch of a new product - Dermatologist Solutions® Clearly CorrectiveTM White.

To match up with the theme - Clearly Corrective White, the event is held at The White Rabbit and our dress code for the day is white.

Friendly Kiehl's boys welcoming the guests to the Kiehl's "Clearly Corrective" Blogger Event!‏

I will be taking part in the clearly corrective bloggers challenge, do support me okay.

Mr Bones greeting the guests with his sparkling teeth.

Being one of the earliest, we have time for some photo-taking:

We have a photo with the two Kiehl's boys - James and Jeremy.
I loved this picture, we were caught in the midst of having fun. When white meets black, they form a perfect combination.

We love Kiehl's ♥

The place was nicely decorated with Kiehl's "Clearly Corrective White" displays and products.

This was my second time patronizing The Rabbit Hole, it's a very nice place to chill out and enjoy the lush greenery surrounding.

Enjoying the light refreshment being served to us.

As shown in a research, Kiehl's chemists had revealed that Asian skin is more prone to hyperpigmentation, the cause of brown spots and uneven pigmentation.
In response to this, Kiehl;s has come up with Kiehl's Ultimate White Collection to help Asian customers to regain youthful clarity and a brighter, luminous appearance.

Kiehl’s is pleased to introduce to you the latest launch- Dermatologist Solutions® Clearly Corrective White. The newest, fastest, exceptionally effective 5-step range of formulations which involves Purifying Foaming Cleanser, Skin Brighting Exfoliator, Clarify-Activating Toner, Dark Spot Solution and Hydrating Moisture Emulsion. (Stay tuned to my blog for the detail step.)

With regular use of the 5 products day and night, your skin will become better enchanced and clear, providing more uiform skin tone and overall clarify.

After the presentation, it's time for us to try out the products and witness the magical moment:

We are engrossed in the wide range of products.

Steps to spot-less clarity:
1. Cleanse and Exfoliate
2. Tone
3. Treat
4. Moisturize
5. Protect

After applying, I can really see the comparison. My skin has become fairer and clarify. Yeah, lets fight the dark spots now.

Speaking of dark spots, a game is also played during the event:

The 4 Kiehl's boys were dressed in white coat full of dark spots.

4 bloggers were being asked to play the game.

How to play the game?

Remove all dark spots in the fastest speed.

I am one of the lucky one to be chosen to participate, sadly I'm not the first one. But still, I have a great time playing the game.

A group photo of the bloggers with the Kiehl's big family ♥

The event was a great success, appreciate all the hard work put in to make the event a perfect one. Thanks Kiehl's for the invitation, you guys did a great job ♥

One of the leading product - Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution.

How good is this product?

It is 100% active to quickly begin attacking to deep set dark spots without over drying the skin. It contains Vitamin C and anti-cluster technology which will swiftly breaks apart discolorations and prevents the formation of new pigment clusters.

The event has ended, GF and I walked and explored around for more photo-taking.

The 5 steps to spot-less clarity in Hopscotch form. That's creative.

Haven been playing swing for a long long time. Totally missed it. Why nowadays playgrounds have no swing???

Chanced upon this greenary animal displaying outside.

With GF after the exploration.

Have a photo with James. It's been quite some times since we last met.


After saying so much, it's time for you to try the product too. You can now redeem your samples and review it:

1. Like Kiehl’s SG Facebook page
2. On the left, please click Clearly Corrective tab

3. Click on "Get a Sample now" 
4. Fill in your details to get the complimentary sample:
- Name:
- mobile number:
- email:
-How do you know this tab: please select

Hurry and get your sample now, you will stand a chance to win $200 worth of Kiehl’s products when you collect the samples at stores! Share this with your friends too (:

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