Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tea & Cookies session at The Cookie Museum

Weekend is the time to relax and pamper ourselves, to ease our bodies and minds from our workload, and at the same time to rejuvenate energy to prepare ourselves for the start of the week.

So on a Saturday night together with my pals, we went for a high tea session at The Cookie Museum located at Esplanade.

The Cookie Museum was founded in 2004. It is best known for its excellence and quality original handmade baked cookies that used only the finest ingredients. With its quality products, The Cookie Museum has been voted as Singapore’s Best Cookies.

Upon entering, the Victorian and classic theme of the place caught my attention. Each aspect of the details are paid attention to - the furniture, table setting, wallpaper, ornament, the cabinets, exquisite and majestic interiors.

I felt like a high class tai-tai dining here.

Enjoying my pot of Cranberry tea. 

Look at all the exquisite tins at the shelves, can I bring one home?

I'm so fascinated with The Cookie Museum. It's so vintage and mysterious.

Mysterious-looking Andrew.

As we take a sip of the warm cup of tea, lets enjoy and savour the taste of the cookies:

Of all the cookies, I loved these blueberry cookies the most. I liked the flavour as it tasted delicious.

We were being treated to the different flavours of the cookies.

Green Tea and Cranberry Cookies.

Besides these, the waitress has introduced to us some unique flavours you will never guess of - The uniquely Singapore flavours like Nasi Lemak, Hae Bee Hiam, Hainanese Chicken Rice and Laksa.

We tried out the Laksa and Hae Bee Hiam flavours. Wow, and it tasted exactly like the real Laksa and Hae Bee Hiam. Hot and Spicy!

However, these uniquely Singapore flavours are not to my liking. I still prefer the traditional flavour of cookies. 

I had an enjoyable atas tea session with my pals. Why do I say it is atas?
Because... you must be prepare to spend when coming here as it is a little pricey.

Shall end my night with my skincare routine - Midnight Recovery Concentrate before I head to bed. Good night (:

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