Friday, September 28, 2012

L'EGERE & STAR CRUISE event with Kevin 老师

Thanks to L'egere, I have the opportunity to attend L'EGERE Port Stay event - Get Flawless at Sea, on Super Star Virgo with Kevin Lao Shi.

L’egere is a Korean skincare brands which was highly recommended by Kevin老师 on Queen (女人我最大) as he strongly convinced of its skincare benefits to women. It helps women to achieve flawless beauty.

Without any further ado, let me bring you through the journey of Get Flawless at Sea.

Finally I have boarded Superstar Virgo. I was awed by both the interior and exterior design of the cruise. It's really beautiful and posh, everything here is first class standard.

We were being led to this big theatre, The Lido, where the skincare and makeup demostration will take place. The two-storey Lido theatre offers a seating capacity of 864, a perfect place for holding a function.

While waiting for the programme to start, shall take a photo.

Thanks Ruiting for the picture.

Oh yes, finally we get to meet the Taiwanese celebrity stylist and make-up artist Kevin Chou in person. During which, he imparted the tips and tricks using L’EGERE skincare. Not only that, Kevin 老师showed us make-up demonstrations and we learned how to achieve flawless skin.

3 important steps to flawless skin:

- Cleansing
- Moisturizing
- Sun Protect

Kevin 老师 was so nice and friendly, you can see from the way he interacted with the audience. He even walked up to the audience himself.

One of the products I get to try was L'egere Purifying B.B Facial Peeling Gel.

Added with natural citrus, AHA acid and papain, the gel film directly congeal on the applied area and soften the dead skin cell. Dead skin cell and acmes fall off as shaded fragments. Penetrated deep into the skin to absorb filth and oils that help to cleanse the pores. Skin feel moisture and elastic after wash, without dry feeling.

We had a great afternoon with Kevin 老师. It was a hilarious time and yet at the same time, we also bring back useful beauty tips.

After the demonstration, we went up to Deck 12 for a buffet session. I was really hungry by that time as I rushed to the cruise centre without taking my lunch.

The food made me drool. I loved the fried fish, crispy and delicious.

Did I mention before I love fruit tarts?
I took 2 at a go.

SuperStar Virgo indeed offers more than first class dining, the food simply taste yummy and delectable.

Took a stroll to Deck 11. Time for a chill and photo taking time.
SuperStar Virgo offers a great scenery of the sea and surroundings.

Can't take my eyes off the beautiful scenery.
Sometimes I wonder, did I miss out a lot of beautiful things going on in life?

If you feel bored on the cruise, you can challenge your friends to play the gigantic english chess.  

The familiar landscape of Harbour Front. 

Time for camwhoring.

With Rui Ting. 

With GF. 

With Joey.

I really treasured the valuable friendship with the girls.
We meet each other by chance but we become friends by choice.

Keep our friendship going.

Resort World Sentosa was just opposite of us.

Headed back to The Lido, we were just in time to catch Kevin 老师 autograph session.

Wow, finally a close-up view of Kevin 老师.

Thanks Rui Ting for the group photo.

Happy us with Kevin 老师.

Thanks L'EGERE and SuperStar Virgo for the event, we had a great time enjoying ourselves.
Hope to see you guys again soon.

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