Thursday, September 20, 2012

Yacht Ride at Marina Country Club

So excited for the night to come because I am going on a yacht ride to celebrate my Granny's birthday with my family. Thanks sis for picking us up and drove us to our meeting point at Ponggol.

My first time here at Marina Country Club.
It's a nice place to chill out where you can relax, dine, unwind, or participate in sea sport activities and enjoy with your friends or family. 

Upon reaching, we headed to the jetty to find the rest.

A beautiful sight hits me upon reaching the jetty. I can't wait to on board the yacht.
I had been working so hard all this while, it's time to take a break and free myself from the hectic work life, to enjoy the short getaway from the urban city.

Our yacht was parked at Pier 1. SSC, here we come.

Breathtaking scenery around the sea. 

But when I looked at the sea, it was full of rubbish. Why are people so inconsiderate and just throw their rubbish into the sea? 

The only sunset view that I managed to capture. It was not that obvious as I'm now in the north-east and the sun sets in the west!!!

Happy and excited, relaxation mode turned on!

Taking a closer look at the boatman's seat.

Who is dreaming of becoming a captain one day???

The yacht has an air-conditioned sleeping quarter with beds for 11-12, kitchen facility, bathroom, fishing spots (snappers, groupers, stingrays, parrot, barracudas, cobias, sharks) and etc.

A photo with my granny, 太后. Happy birthday, granny. Hope you have an awesome blast today.

All right, everyone was on board. Time to set off!
Admiring the beautiful sea of Singapore and enjoying the sea breeze.

Oops, what got the guys so fascinating?


We were actually guessing all the places that we passed by - Pasir Ris, Changi, Pulau Ubin and etc.

At that moment, I have forgotten all my worries and troubles, I felt calm and peaceful. All I want was to sit back and enjoy the picturesque views.

And the nightfall after dusk.
Can you see how strong is the wind?
My hair was flying all over.

Viewing from the back of the yacht.

We stationed ourselves somewhere in the middle of the sea and began our 2 hours long of activities.

My sweet aunt has prepared food for all of us.
Yes, I'm so hungry that I went for 2-3 rounds of servings!

Sis brought us lightsticks as well.
The guys were having fun playing with it.

The boatman were so nice. They got us 2 fishes and performed live demonstration on how to cook a steamed fish.

But first, let's see the video on how they kill the fish. Awwwwww.
They killed it by cutting off the fins.

On board the casino yacht. 
The all time favourite activity.

Hot Roulette. Place your bet and spin the wheel!

The youngsters were having fun with playing the roulette.
Everybody wants to win big and compete for the prize.

Yummy and delicious steamed fish.
Fresh from the sea.

The guy that casino is going to ban from entering.
The grand winner with the most tokens.

See the happy face of my bro when taking his prize from granny.

Ended our 4 hours long of night activities, we were safety back to the jetty. It was a great time spend with my family. Please do not neglect the time spend with your family, family gathering is important too. Remember when you are busy growing up, they are growing old too. The elder value family gathering, so spare some time for them.

With loves.

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