Friday, November 16, 2012

Pizza Hut Christmas Pizza Pre-launch Party

Thank God It's Friday!!!!

Weekend is here finally!!
I was on my way to Funan DigitaLife Mall and it rained heavily. I was totally drenched by the time I reached. Don't be like me okay, do remember to bring your umbrella out to avoid getting drench as it is also raining everyday.

I had a sumptuous dinner at Pizza Hut. Thanks GF Jess for bringing me along to the pre-launch party.

Christmas is just another month away. Are you already expecting the classic Christmas carols, the familiar Christmas lightings and the usual gatherings with your dearest ones?

Christmas never fails to give us a little surprise every year. And it is the little surprises we received from our family and friends that made up the fond memories of the joyful season.

Now, Pizza Hut has prepared twice the surprise this Christmas for you and your loved ones. 
Continued reading to find out more.

I ordered Mango Tango drink. 
A very refreshing drink that eased by thirst.

First dish up, Fruitti Prawn Salad.

The dish was beautifully presented with an unique combination of fresh prawns, apple, pineapple, strawberry and salad. Though we were all very hungry, we did not want to miss out the opportunity of capturing nice food photo.

Trio Chicken Platter.

We had the usual Honey Roasted Wings or Sweet ‘N’ Spicy Drumlets.
My favourite is the crispy chicken in the middle, I loved the crispiness of the skin.

A photo with GF.

There was a demonstration on the making of Pizza Hut specially designed "Double Sensation Pizza".
Yes, this is the surprise pizza that Pizza Hut had been preparing for.

Wow, in just a few minutes, the chef had completed with the making of Double Sensation Pizza.
Can't wait to try it.

Coming up next was Chicken Spinach Cannelloni.

It was cheesy good and had plenty of chicken in it. Well, it satisfied my stomach. Yum Yum!!

Chilli Crab Baked Rice.

The dish was served piping hot. Taking in my first bite and I could feel the hotness and spiciness in it. 
Double shiok!

And here comes the main highlight of tonight:

Double Sensation Pizza.

The new Double Sensation Pizza comes with 2 rings of crust:
- an inner crust stuffed with cheesy chicken sausage
- an outer crust stuffed with 3 flavour cheese.

There are also 2 different topping combinations:
- Smoked chicken and zucchini on Pepper Alfredo sauce in the inner ring.
- Turkey ham, mushrooms and capsicums on Salsa sauce on the outer ring.

It's definitely the pizza that will surprise your taste buds with every bite. Every bite tasted heavenly good that left me wanting for more.

Roasted Chicken Leg with Garlic Cheese Sauce.

Initially when I heard of the name "chicken leg", I was expecting to see a dish of those chicken leg with just the paw. Like those typical Chinese cuisine. Lol.

I enjoyed this dish very much. The meat was succulent and it tasted really good with the garlic cheese sauce. It won the heart of everyone at my table. We all agreed that this was the best dish we enjoyed.

Last but not least, sweet delights to end off the dinner.

Enjoyed the signature Warm Chocolate Cake and New York Cheesecake all in one dish!
The chocolate lava cake was irresistible, it just melt in my mouth. It was rich in chocolate too.

A group photo of us to round up our day at Pizza Hut.

Marked the date, 21 November 2012 for the launch of the Double Sensation Pizza.
Head out to any Pizza Hut Restaurants for a Christmas Party Meal at only $58.90. The feast is good for 4 - 5 persons.

If you are looking at a meal of just two, Christmas Delight Meal will be suitable for you. 

If you are ordering online, there is a special online deal - Christmas Bliss Deal ( $28.90 for 2 persons) 

It consists of:
- 1 Regular Double Sensation Pizza 
- 4 pcs of Honey Roasted Wings 
- 6 pcs of Mini Hash Browns

This deal is available from 21 November to 1 January 2013 only! 

Just buy a bottle of 1.5L Pepsi online and you will stand a chance to win $1,000 cash! 
There will be one weekly winner for 6 weeks.

So hop on to Pizza Hut online and order your dinner @

You might be the lucky one!

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