Saturday, January 26, 2013

Aaron Yan [The Moment] Music Party @ NEVERLAND II

Oh Yes, I was excited for my first music party in 2013.

Guess who I'm going to meet???

It's Aaron Yan 炎亚纶, one of my favourite member in Taiwanese boyband Fahrenheit.

Aaron Yan is here in Singapore to meet his fans again and to promote his first solo album The Moment 紀念日, released in October 2012. That Saturday, I went for his music showcase - [The Moment] Music Party @ Neverland II at St James Power Station.

Invited Jasmine along with me.
We were there half an hour before the stated time and the queue was already tremendously long.
Hopefully we would be able to get a good standing spot.

We waited for nearly one and the half hour before the door opened.

Finally we were in.

Some background of Aaron Yan:

Aaron Yan is a Taiwanese Mandarin pop singer and actor. He is also the youngest member of Taiwanese Mandopop boy band Fahrenheit. He was born on 20 November 1985, which means he is 28 years old this year. 

Wei Bin 伟彬 from Y.E.S. 93.3FM was the host of the night.
She was good at bringing the atmosphere high: "Do you girls want to meet 炎亚纶? Let's shout his name together, okay? 炎亚纶! 炎亚纶! 炎亚纶!.........."

Say hello to Aaron Yan.
He is so charming and dashing which melted all the girls' heart.

An upclose picture of Aaron.
Lucky I still managed to find a good spot.

I took a video of him singing the first song - 可能你还爱我.

可能 你还爱我 
分手那天 才没那么洒脱 
是在提醒我 你不是真离开我 
可能 你还爱我 
分开之后 还能够常连络 
却不曾提过 谁在你怀中 
可能 还爱我

This song is actually composed by Aaron himself which was based on his past relationship.
From boyband to solo artiste, Aaron Yan had grown up a lot.

He earned the title of "emotional prince" image. He is full of emotions.

He is so caring towards his fans. Knowing that we waited outside for hours, he asked if we are okay and do we have sufficient water. He also asked fans to lower the fans board so that everyone can see him. He is such a nice guy.

Another song that he composed is 比寂寞更寂寞.
This song is also about his past relationship where ex-girlfriend broke up with him because of his busy work schedule as an artiste.

Being an artiste isn't easy, jiayou!

The members of Fahrenheit are now focusing on their individual activities without disbanding. While the others are focusing on acting, movie and hosting, Aaron Yan put his focus on his music career.

His third song - 原來.

Last song  and also the hit song - 紀念日.
I love this song very much, it's nice and catchy.

Shuai qi de Yan Ya Lun.

我要永远记得 那一天 我勇敢了 
在这同样地点 拥抱你的那一刻 
突然觉得很感激 我能活着 

我要永远记得 那一天 你微笑了 
眼中闪着泪水 说你不怕孤独了 
哭着对我说 不停对我说 
你多么 爱我

Awww, we had come to the end of the music party.
Hope to see him again in Singapore soon.

Jasmine and I had a good one hour with Aaron Yan. 
So hungry by then, let's proceed to Vivo City for our late dinner.

Good bye.

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