Saturday, October 26, 2013

Luxe Society One Anniversary Party at Club Kyo

Happy one anniversary to Luxe Society!

Congratulations to my two dear friends, Terence and Andrew, you guys had made Luxe Society a great success. I'm so proud of you guys.

Luxe Society is Asia’s premiere lifestyle portal. 
Since its inception in September 2012, Luxe Society has become the choice of affluent individuals for the latest exclusive luxury contents. With extensive coverage on the latest lifestyle trends, dining, fashion, entertainment and more, Luxe Society focuses on delivering these exclusive contents to young executives who have a huge influence in business, fashion, culinary and arts.

Over the past one year, Luxe Society has grew from strength to strength, from being the Official Lifestyle Portal for the Fashion TV Beach Festival in August this year, held at Tanjong Beach Club as well as the recent Sky Grand Prix 2013, held at Zafferano, Level 43, Ocean Financial Centre, to having its own Luxe@1 Anniversary Celebration Party at Club Kyo.

To celebrate this special evening, we had a celebration party at Club Kyo. 
It's time for party!!!

A group photo of the girls with Andrew. 
Coincidentally, we were all dressed in black.

We got a table all by ourselves and opened up a bottle of champagne. Time for a champagne night.
The waitress was dressed in a vibrant outfit that lifted our moods up.

The celebration began with a welcome speech by Andrew Kho, Marketing Manager of Luxe Society.

Exactly a year ago, on a bright sunny weekend, Luxe Society was born. 
Luxe Society was just an idea, one of them writes and is always on the move to discover the latest and newest happenings in town, while another loves anything that is of high luxury and loves to socialize. So when the two minds combined, they eliminated all impossibilities, and turn these dreams to reality, where Luxe Society would not only be new and exciting but would be a talking point amongst the high society.
With their effective branding, strategy and determination, they made it through the one year mark.

I'm glad to be here tonight and celebrate this very important milestone together with them.

Credits PHOTOS: Steven Teo, Luxe Society Multimedia.

Kpop dance performance by 4ORCE.

Happy chatting with Hong Wei.

Credits PHOTOS: Steven Teo, Luxe Society Multimedia.

Congratulations to my dear friend, Linda, for winning Luxe Society's facebook contest and won yourself a buffet for 2.

Get your drinks and bottom up.

Credits PHOTOS: Steven Teo, Luxe Society Multimedia.

Shortly after that was multi-label Fashion Show by Camper, Bread & Butter (Europe Collection) and Pierre Balmain. The runway featured some of their latest collections and it was also the first ever fashion showcase of Bread and Butter (Europe Collection) labels, KOI and Denham in Singapore.

Credits PHOTOS: Steven Teo, Luxe Society Multimedia.

The bunch of us spotted a waitress with her Halloween makeup.
I almost forget this week is the Halloween weekend. People would be dressing in their Halloween outfit for partying later on.

Jasmine, me, Linda and Christin.
The four of us had a good time together and we took lots of photos ourselves. That's what happen during every party we had, we simply enjoyed taking photos to keep as memory.

A solo shot with Jasmine. 
Both of us missed the fun at Spooktacular. Let's go again next year too.

The girls also had a photo taken with the handsome models.

We had a photo with TZ too. TZ was also the host of the party.
You are doing a great job (:

So nice to see TZ again after a few weeks.

I was on my way to toilet when I saw this and it gave me a scare. I was thinking if this is a real person or a mannequin. Haha, I got weak heart.

How can I not have a photo with Andrew. 

Thanks Luxe Society for the invitation to the One Anniversary Party. It was a great party and I enjoyed it very much. Look forward to hearing more about Luxe Society.

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