Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Siloso Beach Party NYE Countdown 2013/2014

Good bye 2013 and hello 2014.

Happy new year, everyone. 

Here comes the day to celebrate this joyous moment.
How did you guys spend your last day of 2013, are you having fun at the countdown?

I have lots of fun at countdown. This time round, I spent my countdown at Siloso Beach Party.

I was all up for the beach party. I was dressed in comfortable top and short and slipper.

Love my makeup and hairdo that day.

With my awesome companion, Christin. She is someone whom I enjoy going out with.

The pathway from beach station all the way to Siloso Beach was blocked off for the party. As such, only ticket holders were allowed to be in.

Jets of colours and a kaleidoscopic music line-up await party-goers. 

Over 20 international and local DJs brought us 12 hours of good music, food, drinks and company across the five party zones all at Siloso Beach Party. The five party zones are C Side (Coastes, Bikini Bar & Sandbar), Azzura Beach Club, Mambo, Wave House Sentosa, and the Main Arena that catered to different types of individuals, satisfying their most ideal way of ushering in the New Year with the best company they could ask for.

We were here together with Damien aka Uncle Teh Peng and his friend. 
Look, everyone was trying to capture the bubbles.

Here I was at the Main Arena. Wow, the crowds in there were having lots of fun with the foam. Shall explore the area before coming back here again.

Further up at the front was the main stage with sandy dance floor where the partygoers could dance along the sand-shuffling Siloso Beach.

We had our drinks with us - Carlsberg. What's party without drinks?

We had one and the half hour more to the countdown. Love the atmosphere, it's been quite sometimes since we last partied. Partying is always so fun.

Since we still had ample time, we decided to head to the foam pool to have ourselves soak in the foam. Last photo of us before we changed into t-shirt that we brought.

Foam pool, here we come.

Welcome to the party.

See the background behind us, a pool of foam started pouring out.

And more foam started falling all over us. Time to enjoy the foam party, the best moment of the party.

It was really fun when the foam dropped on us, an unforgettable moment for us. It brought me back to childhood memories, who doesn't love playing with foam when we were young?

What beats dancing and playing with foam?

Here was what happened aftermath. Our feet were covered with foam.

And we were literally all wet and my false eyelashes had fallen off. I looked like I just came out from shower. Thankfully, my clio eyeliner was still on. I was amazed by its durability, it was indeed waterproof.

Walking over to the Main Arena where the countdown will be held.

18,000​ party-goers were at Sentosa’s iconic countdown party, it was indeed Asia’s largest beach countdown party. We danced to the closing anthems of , Siloso Beach Party (SBP) 2013.

It was a memorable countdown for both SBP DJs and the audience as waves of PaintGlow UV paint rained down on the crowd, leaving behind a neon coloured human canvas.

Over four hours, gallons of neon paint were mixed, hosed and sprayed across the Main Arena. 

We grooved along with all the familiar music and even kpop songs like fantastic baby and I am the best, party rocks. Thank you DJ for bring the house down.

Here comes the moment we were all waiting for. In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our eyes were all glued to the sky when the firework started. Loud cheers were also ringing in the air.

"Happy fucking new year" - said the DJ.

The firework was really beautiful. 

Everyone was greeting each other Happy New Year at this moment.

Siloso Beach Party was indeed an awesome and blast one, a memorable countdown for me and my friend. I love the fresh party concepts that Sentosa is having every year. I will definitely get all my close friends to be involved in this in the next countdown. Nothing beats partying with your favourite group of people.

Thank you, Sentosa.

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