Saturday, May 24, 2014

Kakis Bistro & Bar - Where Good Friends Hangout

Today I will be recommending you a nice place with beautiful ambience, refreshing drink and decent food to chill out on a weekend or after work:

Kakis Bistro & Bar

Kakis is a bistro & bar tucked away in the corner of Changi Village.

As the name "Kakis" has suggested, this is the place where good friends will hangout together.

At Kakis, you get to relax with the greenery around you, breathe in some fresh air, see the sunset, watch the golfer putting in right beside, dinner with friends, drinks with your mates, groove to the band or simply a romantic getaway with your partner....

Kakis is an al fresco concept bistro & bar. If you are seeking for outdoor dining with greenery surrounding, this is the right place for you. It's a perfect place for networking and catching up session.

Escape ourselves from the hustle and bustle of town into a hidden sanctuary tranquil and natural surrounding.

My OOTD of the day.
Indulging myself in the lush tropical greenery and enjoying the nature in the eco-friendly environment.

Having fun with Linda with all the photo taking, Kakis is the place where great memories await you.

Kakis Bistro & Bar offers a laid-back feel with wooden furniture and greenery view. It's like we are back to nature and this makes me feel calm and at ease.

Very windy over here, pls pardon my messy hair.

My dinner kakis - Linda and GF.
Love the girls so much, we have endless topic to chat about.

There is a wishing tree located at Kakis. 
Everyone is going round and round the tree and make their wishes.

While we were there, we were serenaded with the live band, "The Passerby", entertaining us with top 40s from classic to current. We could also dedicate our song requests too.

Live band performance will only be available on every Friday and Saturday from 7.30pm onwards.

Finally food was served:

First up, Prawn Alioli with Homegrown Lemongrass and Coriander.

My favourite dish of all. They used lemongrass and coriander that they had grown and harvested right at the bistro bar. The refreshing lemongrass added fragrance to the prawns, making it so addictive and irresistible. 

Stir Fry Button Mushroom with Homegrown Kaffir Leaf, Shallots and White Wine.

Yet another appetizing dish that stir up my appetite.

Chicken Quesadilla with Homemade Salsa.

Chicken breast seasoned with salt and pepper. Low in calories and definitely yummy for the tummy.
The dish was pretty decent and makes a perfect dish to serve for appetizer or snack. 

Fries Addiction.

It’s called Fries Addiction for a reason. Linda and I were hooked up with the fries and we can't stop ourselves from eating.
The fries were coated with what taste like curry seasoning, so tempting.

Aglio Olio with a fusion-taste of home grown kaffir leaf.

This is yet another dish that you should try. The herbs and spices enhanced the flavour of the plain pasta. Accompanied with juicy fresh prawns, this dish is now perfect for our main course.

Fish & Chips.

Well, I must say we had lots of fries that night.
This was the traditional fish & chips served with tartar sauce. The dish tasted decent.

Ended my dinner with the lurking Red Velvet Cake.

Having a good meal is great, having a good meal with great friends is even better.

Kakis Bistro & Bar is a great place to dine out with friends and enjoy the scenic location, do give Kakis Bistro & Bar a try.

Mention the code "KAKIS1309" and enjoy a 10% off on all food items.
Valid till 31 Dec 2014.

Kakis Bistro & Bar
289 Farnborough Road 
Singapore 509747

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