Saturday, August 23, 2014

Girls Outing to Trick Eye Museum at Resort World Sentosa

It's been quite awhile since we last have our girls outing. Hence, Claressa gathered all of us an outing to Trick Eye Museum at Resort World Sentosa. I always wanted to visit Trick Eye Museum since it ventured into Singapore. Thanks Claressa for the ticket.

Trick Eye Museum is originated from Korea. The museum becomes increasingly popular with increasing number of visitors every year since its first launch in 2010. Locals and tourists just love it.

Trick Eye comes from the word Trick of the eye. It refers to an art technique that turns 2D paintings into 3D images. Through the use of optical illusions, three-dimensional paintings on the surfaces of the museum walls, floors and ceilings come alive.

The museum features 100 artworks including paintings and sculptures. Step inside the paintings and complete a visual narrative with your creative pose.

The museum has a total of six interactive zones that cover the themes of World of Masterpieces, Safari Kingdom, Star of Circus, Dreams of Fairy Tale, Love in Winter and Adventure Discovery.

Zone 1: World of Masterpieces

Be part of renowned Western masterpieces from French. Touch these amazing creations, strike a pose, “interact” with the characters and become the subject of the paintings.

Dancing to Latin dance, Tango. 
As we tango to the left, as we tango to the right.

Linda and I appeared in the portrait together with Mona Lisa. And I got a forehead kiss from here.

With my prince charming.

Time for picnic.

Here's how Paris Street looked like on a rainy day. The umbrella was attached to the wall.

I was locked up by the giant baby. This giant baby sculpture is a new exhibit in Trick Eye Museum. This was not showcased in Korea.

Thanks Jasmine for the portrait.
Under the starry night with Claressa, Linda, GF and Jas.

Thank you for watching our circus performance.

Trick Eye Museum is an interactive museum where one can become an actor, a director and a photographer. Stretch your imagination and strike your creative pose.

Zone 2: Safari Kingdom

Nowhere is safe in this virtual safari. You have been warned!

Thanks GF for the photo with panda.

Dive into the sea with the dolphin.

Save me from the monster fish. Help!!!

Zone 3: Star of Circus
Welcome to my circus, I am the shining star at the Star of Circus.

I was sitting on the trunk of Jumbo the elephant. 

Showing off my balancing skills.

Let me show you how to sit in the air.
My levitation has reached a new level.

No, please don't light up. I don't want to be human cannonball.

Zone 4: Dreams of Fairy Tale

Riding the motorcycle with the sly wolf.

No Claressa. Pass me your hand.

Meow meow. Hiding in the boot.

Wish upon the moon. 
We were living on planet moon.

My lovely swan, please take me away to the far far away fairytale land. I don't want to be back to reality.

Do you have any wish?
Tell angel Shuqing now!

Zone 5: Love in Winter

Riding on my broomstick, it's time to fly to Hogwarts to play Quidditch.

Linda and I have become the sculpture in the snow ball. 
Do you want to have this show ball at home?

Zone 6: Adventure Discovery

Now you can experience zero gravity right here on Earth!

Horse racing was fun.

Here's Singapore iconic sculpture: the Merlion-themed exhibit. Only in Singapore.

We have an unforgettable memories at the Trick Eye Museum. We spent 2 hours in the museum, having lots of fun striking the different poses. Thank you Claressa for extending your tickets to all of us. 

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