Sunday, March 29, 2015

Remembering Mr. Lee Kuan Yew 1923 - 2015

This week has been a painful and sorrow week for many Singaporeans. We have lost our respectable founding Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. He passed away on 23 March, Monday at 3.18am due to severe pneumonia. 

I was dumbfounded and sad upon knowing the news that our founding Prime Minister is no more. Still, the day had come. Though I know that death is inevitable, I couldn't control the grieve that he is no longer around, it was as though I have lost an important family member. Words can't describe how I feel right now. I prayed that he could recovered so to join us at this year SG50 celebration, but it is no longer possible. I always looked forward to seeing his appearance at NDP. National Day will never be the same without you.

Being the third generation of Singapore, I grew up in a peaceful and stable country. I might not went through the hardship that our pioneer generation had gone through, but I really appreciate what Mr Lee Kuan Yew did for the country. He led the country and overcame all obstacles along the way. Without Mr Lee's great foresight and vision, Singapore will not be who she is today. He made me feel proud to be a Singaporean.

Mr Lee Kuan Yew had given up his life for Singapore. We can never thank him enough for his lifetime contributions to Singapore, transforming Singapore from a third world to first world country in just 30 years time. He built a corrupt-free governance, safe country, clean and green environment, multiracial harmony society, good education system and prosperous nation. Your foresight vision had made all these possible.

You are truly a legend and your legacy will continue to live in us. We will continue your dream and bring Singapore to greater heights.

No one has contributed so much to Singapore like he did, he deserved my utmost respect.

A seven-day period of national mourning was declared for our founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. State flags were flown at half-mast during the mourning period. Television, newspapers and digital platform were playing tributes to Mr Lee. I cried reading the news every day.

MP Alex Yam has created the black ribbon of Mr Lee Kuan Yew. 
A black ribbon is a symbol of mourning. This image has gone spiral on Facebook. Many of us have changed our Facebook profile picture to this black ribbon to honour our founding Prime Minister.

Though the first 2 days was a private family wake at Sri Temasek, there were already outpouring of grieve from the public online and offline. We were all expressing our grief through social platform or penning down the tributes to Mr Lee. I'm sure not only me, that our lunch topic for the past one week was all about Mr Lee Kuan Yew. We talked about the things he had done and how we are going to pay tribute to him.

Mr Lee's body was lying in state at Parliament House from Wednesday to Saturday for the public to pay their last respects.

I went down to Plaza Singapura for the state funeral procession. While waiting for the funeral procession, the whole area was very quiet. Everyone remains quiet that you won't believe there were thousands of us there actually. You could feel the sorrowfulness of the city.

It was an emotional scene as the gun carriage drove passed, tears began flowing down and all I could do was to shout: "Thank you, Mr Lee. Thank you, Mr Lee. Good bye, Mr Lee." This is the first time I am being so emotional and showing affection I don't normally do.

The military trucks form the escorts for the Gun Carriage following closely behind.

Credits to The Straits Times.

I felt pretty disgusted by my own action after I went back and watch the streaming. You know we always take to like photos or videos to preserve memory. So when the gun carriage drove past, I was like those people in the picture, taking photos and videos. But I never know this is how we actually look like, we look like a bunch of photographers with our eyes fixed on the screen. We should send him with dignity and not with our phone. I felt really sorry about that.

I also made my trip down to Parliament House on Thursday afternoon to pay my last respect to our founding Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, and to thank him personally.

I know some people might be thinking that Singaporeans really love to queue. One person queue, everyone starts to follow. But this is really not the case here. We went down and did not mind the long hours queuing because each and everyone of us felt grateful and touched for the things Mr Lee had done for Singapore. Many of us never have the opportunity to meet him in person when he was still around, to express our gratitude to him. So paying our respect to him at Parliament House was our last chance to express our gratitude. I know that if I didn't come, I will regret it forever.

People was saying that Singapore is the least emotional country in the world. This is totally wrong, we have our emotions and we are capable of expressing our love as well. Young and old from all walks of life, more than 1.2 million population paid our last respects to Mr Lee at Parliament House and community tribute centres. What touches me the most was the kind gestures from people that you don't know. Upon knowing the long hour queuing, people started giving out water, umbrella and food to people waiting in the queue. A small gesture means a lot to us. Through times like this, we see the kindness of Singaporeans. It brought us all together, truly united as one nation. A heart warming scenes indeed.

We met DPM Tharman at Padang, he was here shaking hands and thank everyone for waiting patiently. This motivated us and gave us strength to continue moving forward. We don't mind the long hours waiting because this is the least we could do to show our respect and appreciation to Mr Lee who contributed his life to Singapore.

Here comes the day where we bid final farewell to Mr Lee.
That morning, the sky opened up and poured heavily. Despite the heavy rain, I went down together with my 2 brothers to bid goodbye to Mr Lee. The heavy rain did not stop our determination because Mr Lee has struggled through the darkest storm, the heavy rain was nothing compared to it.

I managed to squeeze to the front row while my 2 brothers were standing 2 rows behind me. This time round, I was determined not to take out my phone to capture the state funeral procession. I kept my hands busy holding on to the flags. My left hand holding the large state flag while my right hand holding the miniature flag. Many like us, have braved through the rain to send Mr Lee off with dignity. People no longer take their phones out, they replaced it with miniature flag too.

Since I was standing at the front row, I decided to close my umbrella so that I do not block the view of people behind. The auntie besides me was very kind, she sheltered me with her umbrella instead. When the ceremonial gun carriage drove by, I cried again while chanting "Lee Kuan Yew! Lee Kuan Yew! Lee Kuan Yew! Thank you, Mr Lee!"

50 years ago, you weep for the nation.
50 years today, the nation weep for you.
Even the sky also couldn't hold its grieve and cried for the loss of our founding Prime Minister.

Good bye, Mr Lee. 
You will be deeply missed.
May you rest in peace, let us finish your unfinished dream and live your legacy.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

World Gelato Tour 2.0 at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre

Being someone with a sweet tooth, Gelato World Tour is something that I cannot miss.

The second edition of Gelato World Tour was held at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Singapore as Asia’s first Gelato Capital. The Gelato Village is set to flag off the “Formula One of Gelato” and celebrate fifty years of the Singapore Republic in the coolest way.

Gelato World Tour is the first international traveling competition in search of the best flavors in the world, is directed by the prestigious Carpigiani Gelato University and Sigep, the most important exhibition in the world for the artisan production of gelato, pastry, confectionery and bakery products held in Rimini Italy. 

Entry to the Gelato Village is free or all visitors. Visitor can purchase the Gelato Ticket for 12 SGD at the Info Point tent (for 8 samples) and enjoy the magical world of gelato.

There are a total of 16 Gelato artisans taking part in Gelato World Tour. With their vast experience and expertise, they produced a sumptuous array of flavors with nutritious potential in it.

At our first stop, Antonino Lo Iacono from Australia.
I tried the Lemon Zest with Fig Marmalade & Dark Chocolate. With just one bite, I was blown away by the taste of the gelato. The sweetness of the gelato was just right, well balance by the lemon zest and dark chocolate. One of my 2 favourite gelato tasted.

Trying out the Loving Date from Stefano Cadorin, Singapore.
The distinguishing ingredients are Tofu, Tahini, Dates, Balsamic Vinegar, Coconut Cream. 

The fusion of the flavours are really overwhelming.

Dropped by Singapore Sling, created by Charles Tan from Singapore. 
An inspiration on a renowned signature cocktail made by our very own Singapore’s famous mixologist of the “The Long Bar” of the Raffles Hotel.

With ingredients like Fresh pineapples, Grenadine syrup, Gin, Cherry liquor, Orange liquor, Benedictine and Sugars, the gelato tasted refreshing and chilling.

They were all unique and sumptuous.

Croccante alla Fragola by Mirko Stortini, Vietnam. 
This gelato is another favourite of mine. Egg-cream flavored with cinnamon, varied with crystals crunched almonds and strawberry. Unique and delicious. How I wish my stomach have room for another cup of this.

Kopi Fah Sung Thong by Angsna Dhippayom from Thailand.
This gelato is made from a combination of Kopi(coffee) and Fah Sung Thong (peanut candy). By combining the bitter unsweetened taste of Kopi with the crunchy mix of nuts and sesame, and enriching it with caramelized sugar, it brings back memories of romantic times in traditional kopi tiam coffee shops in Southeast Asia.

Even the trash bin at Gelato Village looked so cute and delicious.

Mango Ube Symphony by Zarah Zaragoza-Manikan from Philippines.
The mooth mango gelato is heightened with swirls of purple yam jam and accented with rhum-soaked dried mango strips. A truly unique, irresistible symphony of flavors!

Chendol Merdeka by Marco Alfero from Singapore.

Chendol is one of Singapore's traditional dessert rich in flavor, strong in character. Combining the fragrance of Coconut milk, freshly squeezed Pandan juice, flavorful Gula Melaka, velvety red beans and smooth chendol (green starched jelly), Chendol Merdeka Gelato tasted just like our Chendol dessert, perfect for the sunny days in our bustling city.

Kochi Popz by Chronos Chan & Eunice Soon from Singapore.
Using Yuzu specially flown in from Kochi Japan, this light gelato is filled with chocolate coated pop rocks, which sizzles when chewed.

I have a yummilious time tasting the different signature flavours of gelato made by the best Gelato Artisans of Asia Pacific.

Thanks Meryl for the group photo. 
Glad that we came in a group so that we can share the gelato and savour more flavours.

For more information, please visit

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Movie Review: Fashion King

Fashion King is finally airing in Singapore.

The movie plot is based on the webcomic "Paeshyeonwang" that received four million hits. It is about the story of a high school boy discovering his passion for fashion and went on a makeover to win the girl of his dreams.

The movie was first release in Korea in November 2014 and had received good response. I was looking forward to catch this movie. Knowing that I love kpop, GF extended her ticket to bring me along for this movie. So happy :)

Cast: Joo Wan, Sulli, Ahn Jae-hyeon, Park Se-young, Kim Seong-oh
Director: Oh Ki-hwan 
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Release Date: 12-03-2015
Running Time: 119 minutes 
Language: Korean(Sub: English, Chinese)
My rating: 4/5

A teenage boy transforms from a ‘fashion terrorist’ to a ‘fashion king’ in order to win the heart of the prettiest girl in school.

Woo Ki Myung (Joo-Won) is an ordinary high school student, so ordinary he is seen as an all-around loser and being bullied every single day. Life has been miserable until  he decided to move his house and transferred to a high school.

In his new school, he has a crush on the prettiest girl in his class, Hye Jin (Park Se-young), but finds out that another guy in his school, Kim Won Ho (Ahn Jae-hyeon), is interested in her as well. Won Ho comes from a wealthy family background and the school's toughest fighter.

In order to win Hye Jin's heart, Ki Myung decides to transform himself and become the coolest, best dressed person in the world. With the help of his mentor, Nam Jung (Kim Seong-oh), Ki Myung is introduced into the world of fashion.

Meanwhile, he doesn't notice Eun-jin (Sulli), who harbors a secret crush on him.

Being ugly or ordinary always make you an easy target to be bullied in school. People make fun of you all the time because you are not fashionable and you don't look good to be mix with them. All these hurtful words could cause a great impact to the victims. Some could even went for plastic surgery because the people make the victim believe that he/she is ugly. 

I'm glad that Ki Myung did not take on the negative approach. He is inspired by his mentor to undergo a transformation into a fashion king and they turned the school into their fashion runway.

The casts are all handsome and beautiful. A plus bonus on the visual.
The movie is really hilarious, we laughed from the start till the end. Towards the ending, it was touching too. Usually I can control my tears such that it only welled up in my eyes. This time round, I couldn't stop my tears from flowing down. I was touched by his perseverance and never say die attitude.  

I really enjoyed watching this movie. It is entertaining and heart warming.

Another thing I learnt from the movie: Dopeness is the only weapon against the strong.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Chinese New Year Get Together with Clique

Managed to schedule a dinner gathering with my clique just before the end of CNY, it was hard to find a date where everyone can make it.

We had our dinner at 3+1 restaurant (三菜一汤) recommended by Andrew. It is located in Tanjong Pagar, the heart of the bustling Central Business District. They offer a fusion of authentic traditional Chinese cuisine from a number of provinces, along with a touch of modern flavor.

Yusheng is a mandatory to have during Chinese New Year. We ordered a large Yusheng to share among the nine of us.

May 2015 be an awesome year for all of us. Huat ar! Huat ar! Huat ar!

We had soup of the day - ABC soup.

The portion was just nice for the nine of us.

The Imperial Pork with Honey. Coated with honey, the pork rib tasted sweet and delicious.

Instead of having chili crab with mantou, we had chili crab sauce prawns with mantou. The crab sauce was spicy good.

Curry fish tail. I mixed my rice with the curry and it tasted marvelous. Don;t really fancy the fish tail.

Prawn paste chicken wings.
The skin was super crispy and the meat was tender.

Ngoh hiang minced meat with prawn and chestnut.
The ngoh hiang tasted very normal. 

We also had salted egg chicken and sambal kangkong.

Our mandatory group photo, thanks Jasmine.
It was an enjoyable gathering, haven't seen some of them for a long time. Glad to know that they are all doing good. Meet up soon again (:


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