Saturday, March 12, 2016

Happenings in March - Food, Gathering, Singapore Bus Carnival

Wednesday 2/3/16

Lately, I enjoyed spending time with friends over a meal or gathering where we can chit-chat all day long. Met up with GF, Meryl, HP, Jas and Ryden on the mid week evening for dinner. With these brunch of friends, we always have endless topics to talk about.

We initially want to dine in at Mad for Garlic @ Suntec City Mall because they were having buy 1 get 1 free promotion on pasta or pizza. After clarifying with the staff, we discovered that the promotion was only limited to 1 free pasta or pizza and no splitting of bill allowed. That means there were 6 of us, only one pair can enjoy the promotion. Well, I guess such promotion only benefit a small group of 2 person. Remember guys, if you come across 1 for 1 or buy 1 get 1 free, do check the footnote of the promotion and clarify with the staff before ordering to prevent misinterpretation.

Since the promotion can't be used on the 6 of us, we decided to switch our dining place to Kimchi Korean Restaurant which was located along the stretch of restaurants at the same level.

We ordered kimchi pancake for sharing.

HP had a bottle of soju to go with his dinner.
The alcohol was too strong to my liking. Not a fan of alcohol.

Knowing that we will be ordering side dishes for sharing, I decided to have something lighter. Jas and I opt for the glass noodle on the appetiser menu. This was quite a small portion, it was definitely not enough if just purely order this for dinner.

We ordered Yang Yeum Chicken for sharing too.
This was my favourite dish. I love the spicy sauce coated on the fried chicken. 

It was indeed a nice gathering session, I enjoyed gathering like that.

Friday 11/3/16

Yeah, it's TGIF.
I always find myself looking very forward to Friday. By Thursday, I already find my energy being fully drained out, practically feel like a walking zombie. When Friday approaches, I feel like my energy is being recharged and I can do whatever I like without worrying about any constraint. Looking forward to my well deserving weekend. Be it meeting up with friends or lazing at home.

Met JH for lunch at a Hill Street Coffeeshop.
He has become one of my regular lunch buddy, so nice to have friend working near you where you can catch up over lunch. Haven't catch up with le bff clique for a long time, now JH has become the only active one that I am meeting up with regularly.

Since the time was still early, we went to Mei Heong Yuen Dessert for sweet treat. We ordered mango roll and sweet corn shaved ice. We will be back here again to try all the other desserts, there are so many flavours of shaved ice that we want to try.

Met up with Meryl in the night for shopping at Banana Republic @ Paragon. All the pieces are so nice and some of it are my styles. Time to revamp my wardrobe to get rid of those old clothes and welcome the new.

Saturday 12/3/16

Over the weekend, Singapore Bus Carnival was held at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza organised by Land Transport Authority. Decided to check out the carnival with my 2 lovelies.

At the carnival, it showcased the Past, Present and Future of the Singapore Public Bus industry.

This year marks a brand new chapter for the Singapore public bus industry as they will be transiting to a new contracting model. With bus contracting, the commuters can expect more reliable services, shorter waiting times and more comfortable rides.

On board one of the new concept buses where every seat comes with a headrest and power charging point. Not only that, the new initiatives for double decker bus includes a 2 way staircase where riders can go up via first staircase and come down via the staircase behind. In such way, it will not block the way of people going up or down. There is also a third doors right at the back of the bus for people sitting at the back or coming down for the staircase to alight.

With Jasmine and GF. Thanks Jasmine for the photo.

Step back in time as we headed into the Past Zone.
The bus behind us was the non-aircon older days bus. That was a vintage bus straight from the 1960s.

Do you still remember these transit link cards we used in the 1990s.
I remembered that when I boarded the bus, we have to insert this transit link card into the card reader, I always pressed the first button regardless the distance I traveled. 

The past zone will take you back in time to experience and learn how our bus infrastructure has changed.

The weather nowadays was so hot, we went for some desserts after that. 
This is how I spent my Saturday, reminiscing the old good times.

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