Saturday, September 3, 2016

Granny's 77th Birthday at Warong Kim's Seafood

This year granny's birthday celebration was planned and to be paid by dad.

In the recent years, we have been trying out new ideas of celebration instead of our usual Chinese Restaurant visit. We went for chalet and buffet previously. So this year dad decided to go for zi char at Pasir Ris Town Park.

This was my second visit to Pasir Ris Town Park.
We were here last December for our family gathering, introduced by 小叔.

Pokemon Go on my way here. This place is nest for Cubone, I caught by 5 of it.

Upon reaching, mummy headed straight for baby Krislyn.
Hello, baby Krislyn.

Ordered lime juice to ease our thirst and enjoy the sour note.

We reserve 3 tables for 25 adults and 3 kids.

Aiden loves drinking pepsi.

The first dish came up after 15 minutes of waiting from the time drinks were served. We were famished by then, gobbling up the longevity bun.

The serving was moving rather slow for the first few dishes. This appetiser took another 15 minutes to be served. Nevertheless, the dish still tasted delicious. I loved the fried mushroom slice.

Fish maw soup.
The texture of the soup was thick and smooth, just nice to satisfy our taste bud.

Sweet & Sour Sea Bass.

Salted egg prawns. 
Being a fan of salted egg dishes, the prawns was simply addictive. I ate 3 of the prawns.

Chili crab with fried mantou.
I love dipping the fried mantou into the spicy broth, leaving no waste to the broth.

Time for cake cutting ceremony after we completed our 9 course dinner.
The cake was bought by 小叔.

Happy birthday, Granny. 
May you stay young, healthy and happy always.

Presenting to you my big family.

Thanks Yong for the photo. 
He is a professional photographer, so let me know if you are looking for photographers for events, wedding and etc, I can get discount rate for you.

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