Saturday, September 10, 2016

Visit to Quan Fa Organic Farm

Travelling to the outskirt of the west of Singapore for a farm visit.

I remembered the last farm visit I went was during Secondary School who was many many years ago, I was feeling thrill to have the opportunity to go for farm visit again.

Visiting Quan Fa Organic Farm situated at Lim Chu Kang area.

Quan Fa Organic Farm has been around in the market since 1999, cultivating organically grown vegetables for Singaporeans. They provide the freshest food crops that is both nutritious and healthy through the restraint of using pesticides and harmful fertilizers.

Quan Fa Organic Farm is a family-run business.
Over the years, they have grown from humble beginnings of a small organic vegetable retailer to one of the leading distributors in Singapore today.

Quan Fa has a little marketplace located within the farm where consumers can come to purchase the fresh home grown vegetables.

Farm tour began:

JJ, our tour leader aka the founder's son, brought us to the first stop which housed the sunflower sprouts. These sunflower sprouts will then grow into sunflowers months later. These sprouts can also be eaten directly, you can just pluck and eat.

Organic fruits and vegetables tend to grow slower and have lower water content, which contributes to the fuller flavour some people experience.

This is why organic food tastes better than non-organic food.

Out in the field with a land of lush greenery.
Such scenery is probably my first time seeing in real life, it's a unique experience for me.

Do you notice the yellow objects that are commonly seen in the farm?
They are actually used to trap insects. 

There is no use of pesticides, hence eat organically grown food is the best way of reducing our exposure to potentially harmful pesticides.

This secluded place was away from our urban city, it made me forget that I'm in Singapore at that moment.

Organic food contains higher levels of vitamin C and essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and chromium as well as cancer-fighting antioxidants.

Fresh fruits growing from the trees.

Arriving at Quan Fa Compost System. 
This farming methods have proven to be a reliable source of healthy and delicious food, without synthetic and chemical fertilizers.

It used an unique culturing medium to eliminate obnoxious odors of raw materials. This medium subsequently produces a nutrient-rich organic debris; which deters the rate of damage caused by disease infection and insect infestation. The compost is used throughout the farm to condition dead soil back to its arable state, which eventually enhances and stimulates plant growth. 

Next we were moving to the green house section.

All the crops are harvested and packaged every morning to ensure maximum freshness, straight from the source. 

Over 40 types of fruits and vegetables are cultivated at Quan Fa.

We have come to the end of the farm tour. It was a great lesson learnt about the different growth stage of farming. Reading from internet/book and seeing it in real life is a totally difference experience.

With the girls at the farm, we have a nice gathering.

Thanks JJ for the farm tour and also the bag of organic vegetables.

A good new for all of you who are interested in purchasing the organic products online
You can enjoy 10% off
Promo code: QuanfaOrganicFarm 

Terms and conditions:
- Not valid for promotional items and dried goods. 
- One-time use per customer.

Tadah, here's what is in our bag of goodies.
We can use these organic vegetables to whip up a delicious meals for my family.

The best food in the world is definitely mummy's cooking. 
She never fail to whip up a dish filled with loves.

Just simply boil the veggies and they are good to consume. 
Healthy and delicious.

We toppled the veggies with chili to enhance the flavour and it fed us well.

Thanks Quan Fa for the warm hospitality and healthy organic vegetables. My family loves it very much.
For more information, pls visit

Quan Fa Organic Farm
35 Murai Farmway
Singapore 709145
Operating hours: Sat & Sun from 9am to 5pm
Tel: 6793 7693

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