Friday, December 2, 2016

21st Asian Television Awards 2016

Oh yes, I have the opportunity to attend 21st Asian Television Awards 2016. 
Thanks CK for giving us the tickets and GF for calling me along.

This was my second time attending Asia Television Awards. I was here last year too, read my post here

Met up with GF after our work.
We met up pretty often this week, this was our 3rd meet up this week. So many stuffs to update her. Felt so good that exam was over, finally have the time to catch up with friends without worrying about time.

The award ceremony was again held at Suntec City Convention and Exhibition Centre.
The reason why I wanna come is not for the awards ceremony, but to watch the music performance in between the segment. Amber from f(x) and JJ Lin will be performing later on. Can't wait for that.

The show began with the red carpet.
Among the celebrities that graced the ceremony from all over the world, we spotted Bernice Liu from Hong Kong.  She was in a green sexy gown that night.

The hosts of the night were Adrian Pang, Stephanie Carrington, Alden Richards, and Baki Zainal.

Here comes the first performance of the night by Charli XCX, a British singer.
She brought us 2 songs - "Boom clap" and "After the after party".

Her appearance has warm the crowds up.
The audience started to get high with her.

Pierre Png was here to give out awards.
He has huge fan club presence at the ceremony screaming for him.

"Shake that brass" with Amber.
She is a member from kpop girl group f(x) signed under SM Entertainment.

Kpop performance never failed to garnered lots of cheers throughout the performance. Her dance performance was awesome.
I'm a kpop fan too.

Amber also sang us her English release "Borders".

Pls come back to Singapore with the other members.

Last but not least, The most anticipated performance and the reason why I was here tonight, JJ Lin.
He is my favourite local singer and I love all his songs. The lyrics and melody are so captivating and mesmerizing.

JJ started off with "可惜沒如果", this is one of my favourite songs of his. I love this song very much.

不该沉默时沉默 该勇敢时软弱 
如果不是我 误会自己洒脱 
让我们难过 可当初的你 
和现在的我 假如重来过 

把该说的话好好说 该体谅的不执著 
如果那天我 不受情绪挑拨 
你会怎么做 那么多如果 可能如果我 
可惜没如果 只剩下结果

And the last song for the night that JJ sang was "不为谁而做的歌".

Nice songs are worth the wait.
GF and I enjoyed his performance. A great start to begin our weekend.

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