Sunday, December 4, 2016

Early Christmas with Sophisca

I have an early Christmas spent with the girls at Sophisca.

With Christmas just 3 weeks away, I went on a Christmas candy shopping with my girls. Sophisca is a familiar brand to us as we have been there together for numerous times. We love the cute and unique packaging of the candies. With Christmas approaching, they have launched a series of Christmas collection.

Here were some of their collections:

X-mas piggybank at $8.30 each, available in Santa Clause and Snowman design.

X-mas surprise bag at $7.90.

All these christmas gifts are within the price range of $5 to $15.

The trio. We loved the Christmas stocking bags.
Thanks GF for the photo.

The container looked so cute, after finishing the chocolates, you can keep the container for decoration purposes. They are too adorable to dispose away.

Christmas Cottage which makes a good decor.
A cottage filled with the jolly season.

Christmas socks that were packed with goodies.

With Jas and GF. 
We shared many good and fun moments together.
Thanks GF for the photo.

We spotted this lipstick chocolate, they looked so real just like the real lipstick, except this was edible.
It looked similar to the lipstick chocolate I got for my friends in Malacca. 
The lipstick chocolate is selling at 2 for $15.80.

The girls were touching up our lips to make them glow, that's what girls always do.
It was a lovely afternoon meet up with the girls. See you girls soon again.

Ended my day off with a sweet indulgence at Gelateria Italia @ Bugis Plus. We have cookie n cream and chocolate flavour. I love gelato because it has a richer and smoother taste of the flavours Most importantly, it contains lower fats than ice-cream. I can eat without having the guilt of getting fat.

This is how I spent my Sunday meeting with all my favourite people, hope you have a great Sunday too.

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