Thursday, December 29, 2016

Review: d'skin Miracle Oxylight Facial

Feel so happy to be back to d'skin for my facial appointment just before my short getaway trip to Malaysia, I have my facial treatment at D'skin last year during this festive period too. I want my skin to look good during my getaway trip so I'm back to my trusted beauty hub for the same facial treatment using my complimentary voucher I received during d'skin Prestige Grand Opening.

I went to the outlet at d’skin Prestige located at Velocity @Novena Square, their latest outlet.
So coincidence, I met Jan Jee there. We have a small talk before I proceeded for my session.

Before any facial begins, the therapist will conduct skin analysis before advising you on the suitable treatment that match your skin condition.

My result showed that my hydration and sebum of my skin fall in the normal skin range except my T-zone area which was showing in the dehydrated range.

Initially I was given a complimentary voucher for v-shape facial treatment, but after the analysis, the therapist recommended me to try d'skin Miracle Oxylight Facial as my skin is in need of hydration.

I was led to my treatment room, time to relax and pamper myself.

What I like about doing facial is that for that 1.5 - 2 hours, we can relax ourselves and escape from all our worries in life. Just lie down on the comfortable bed, listening to the soothing melody and doze into sleep while the therapist attend to you. And most importantly, waking up to a radiant and refreshing looking skin.

Changed into the tube robe.

Began the facial with double cleansing to remove the makeup on impurities on our skin.

After which was steaming, it helped to open up my pores for ease of extraction later on. Extraction is always a love-hate relationship to me. I like it that pores will be cleaned after extraction but at the same time I dislike the unbearable pain that I have to endure through during the process. But for a clean looking skin, I will pull through it.

After which, oxyjet was applied on my face where cool air was being sprayed, so cooling and comfortable. Then an infrared light device was used to massage my face to soothe the affected area and ease the redness of my skin. I definitely dislike the idea of having a tomato looking face after the facial.

Last but not least, it's mask time.
A layer of masque was first applied over the face, followed by a sheet mask. While having the mask on, the therapist gave me a shoulder massage. She was good at applying pressure and it soothed my aching shoulders. Pampering session really to the max.

I enjoyed my 2 hours facial session with d'skin.
I could feel the smooth and radiant looking skin immediately after the facial. I love giving my skin a little treat once in awhile to compensate the lack of sleep, pollutant and stress level that she has to endure through.

If you are interest in trying, Miracle Oxylight Facial is priced at $498. Do check out their page at

D'Skin Prestige 
Velocity @ Novena Square 
238 Thomson Road #03-04/05, Singapore 307683

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